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Please excuse the crude video of the Bi-Moto by Mystery DJ Motodom.com
(that was quickly crafted in his backyard!) Hopefully it doesn't get
confused with the quality of Heave H.O.E. the DVD instructions.

Also if you want the background info and tips for how to best execute this putting technique,
then you will want to back up and check out the Bi-Moto Homepage!.
News story and beginning of Heave H.O.E. DVD on :internet mpg.

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So that the videos (below) don't get
confused with the quality of "Heave H.O.E." DVD, you can click on the image (left) to see a preview of the movie.. Heave HOE, along with an early NBC local news story about the Motodom.com school assembly.
Otherwise, enjoy the Bi-Moto tips below!
Bi-Moto Putt method on Video! Click the on the image for a video
of a short range stationary
(15 ft away) Bi-Moto Putt.  

Longer range Bi-Moto putt

Click on the image for a video of a longer range
Bi-Moto Putt from 20 and 30 ft away.

(A tricky problem here is that the footing is on uneven snow/ice.)

We'll get some more shots with secure footing soon.
Exactly 22 ft away
Yet another perspective with great footing. With a Roc for longer distance.

Measured out exactly 22 feet. A nice distance for choking, and showing how simple and effortless the Bi-Moto method is.. and this is the stationary method... the stepping method is good for 3o feet and over.

Motodom.com Forehand for long putts

This is the best thing in doubles competition. Use Heave H.O.E. to confidently hit 30-80 ft putts with a forehand!
However this will show you what happens when you use the information on Heave H.O.E. DVD to learn the Motodom.com forehand long distance putt for DISC golf!

 This video is at the distance of 30 feet. 

Long distance Bi-Moto Putting  For your putts: 7 to10+ steps away!~
Incorporate a STEP into the Bi-Moto Putt

However the MOST important element, which you may not immediately notice, is that the release of the disc is ideally done at a point in the middle of the body motion starting well before the left foot reaches the ground.  (Most people naturally start to release at the end of the body motion, when the left foot touches. Then the only motion at work is the one with the hands.) If you peek at this video frame by frame, you will see, the release of the disc starts while the left foot is still in the air.

So, the trick to using a step is to use a little momentum from all 3 of the following body parts:
1. Your right leg pushing, plus
2. Your upper body movement, plus
3. Your push motion of the hands.

If all three motions are happening at the time you begin to release your disc,then it makes for extremely good power( with little effort) and greater accuracy for max distance. It is just a timing thing that is worth working out.

But, if you are stepping on any sort of an  incline, forget it, and use the STATIONARY method. See above.

Click on image for a demo of Bi-Moto Putting 


The key to max distance with a Bi-Moto Putt is to integrate a STEP into the putt. If you notice here, there is a rehearsal of the motion, to make sure that the putt is done safely without stepping past your marker, and to insure everything remains in balance after the motion.

THE ONLY DRAWBACK to this method is you need  level ground!  :-)

So if you are one of those lucky Disc Golfers with lots of level putting greens, then you can use this method to make longer and longer putts.