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The Bi-Moto Putt
Overview of the BiMoto Putting method.
Rumor has it that this technique has started working for others: If you're having success with it,
let us know at info@motodom.com. We would love to provide great testimonials on this.
Blogs of Bi-Moto Putting SuccessesFORUMS of Bi-Moto Putting Successes !
The 2006 Los Angeles Ice Bowl Recreational Amateur Champ, Kevin Tolo (unranked!) used the Bi-Moto technique all the way to 2 stroke victory over an 879 ranked Am player! (see results on PDGA!)
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New in 2009, Disc-Golf-Tips.Net
Videos of Bi-Moto Putting Successes VIDEOS of Bi-Moto Putts (Stationary) Now you see: very helpful video of the two step Bi-Moto Putt.

    This two handed putting tip (below) was a brainchild of mine, in 1998, when  I started getting serious about disc golf. It came about because I was absolutely frustrated after making perfect drives, only to miss very straightforward putts for Birdies, often because of nerves.  You see it all the time, where a person is too close  to miss, but misses the easy shot anyway!  So I developed the Bi-Moto method of putting (adapted from the Freestyle world) for use on all my putts within 30 feet (within 10 steps, but especially for all within short range!). The reason was because it prevented accidentally missing putts to the left or the right too much.. or too low or too high, at least two or three times per round. It works by eliminating a handful of variables which otherwise enter into the putting equation.  I figured this Frisbee Freestyle-Basketball shot-orientated move, although very non conventional, would easily reduce missed putts.. and indeed it did and still does!
 Idaho Steel 2003   
    From that time on (about 8 years ago), I accepted that it looks weird, and causes a few snickers from people who have never seen this method, (which is everyone) but I've made it WORK, and taught it to a few tight circles of others, who also have made it work too! I have used the Bi-Moto method exclusively for all short range putts.. and won in tournaments throughout all of Montana, over and over again using it. From my beginning disc golf days, to now, I have rested half of my game's success on this putt.  Because, it allows your short range putts to be made, basically, 100% of the time, almost mindlessly, with no stress.

Idaho Steel    Which allows you to free your mind off of that part of the game, and off of the frustration from otherwise missing shots that shouldn't be missed. Short range putts become "machine-like", and almost boring.. for those watching.. but not for the one making them ROUTINELY! And, of course, if you're a pro already, then it would only seriously help you with all those one or two putts that you happen to accidentally miss. How great is it to now mechanically erase frustrating strokes consistently? Not to mention what it does for the new players, the beginners, and the novices.
See Various Bi-Moto VIDEO

Click here to see Bi_Moto Putting Videos
Because, it is designed
especially as a life-saver
for all new players
to use with confidence.

      If you are new to the world of disc golf, and want to drop 18 more strokes off your round of 18, then institute the Bi-Moto method of putting, and enjoy disc golf even more.  More will be available here.. including the new slow motion video, teaching you the hot tips and nifty tricks that I have learned to do with it to make the same type of putt for longer distances, stationary positions, and into the wind. The Bi-Moto putting video will also teach you the things I have learned to insure that each putt maximizes the correct trajectory, power, and spin. These are some excellent tips which you can use right away.

For those of you who like to be routine in your use of this method, I'll soon provide you with my rock solid,
6 point checklist | Bi-Moto mental notes that you can use as a quick prep right before a big, "must make" putt!

Set-perfectly-up for the Bi-Moto. (By Mystery DJ Motodom.com)
Set up for a BiMoto Putt  Perfect release for the Bi-Moto (By Mystery DJ Motodom.com)
Release of BiMoto Putt
I suggest the use of a flat rimmed disc like the Innova Birdie or Polecat.
With this type of disc all your back fingers will push evenly against the rim.

Side view of Bi-Moto set-up (By Mystery DJ Motodom.com)
Side View of BiMoto putt setup Releasing of hands in Bi-Moto (By Mystery DJ Motodom.com)
Release of BiMoto Putt method
    A big key to the success of this putt, is to MAKE SURE your pushing hand (in my case it is the right hand)
 is fully at the back of the disc. Many people, when first trying this putt, will put both hands on the side..
 but the best way to get excelleration which is in good line with the target, is to place your pushing hand,
 fully on the back of the disc. The other hand, is more of a guide for the spin that you will also want to impart
on the disc. A step forward is optional, however most of our courses in Montana, are such that it is best to use a stationary method. You will have to see the video , to understand what I have refined as the Stationary method.
BiMoto method      One other advantage that this shot provides, is that the disc is in the line of site of your target, on the way to the target. This means you can line up your hand, eye, disc and target in one line.

      In fact, if you want one helpful alignment tip right way, it is to hold your disc so you can see a slight reflection off the top of the disc. This way, you know it is level with your target. (All discs will provide a slight reflection off their tops, so use that as a way to insure you are keeping your disc level, while also in line with your target.)

    I have experimented with several ways to add velocity to the Bi-Moto Putt to increase the distance of its range, and almost every technique involves using an upper body movement that you'll have to see on the video, to understand and use, as it is too hard to explain with still shots and words
Aim to hit this side of basket with Right hand Bi-Moto Putt

    I can explain another set of short tips f
or beginners to produce the best results with the Bi-Moto Putt. You may be doing everything perfect, yet finding your disc doesn't go in the basket every time. If so, then it is probably because of this one, simple tip that has to do with the side of the basket you aim for.

    Oddly, if you aim for the one (correct) side, the basket chains will appear to "pull" your disc in. (H.O.E.!) If you aim for the other side of the basket.. it will "spit" your disc out. (ARGH!) (If you aren't aiming for a certain side, then sometimes you will hit the correct side, and sometimes you will hit the wrong side.) By adding this tip to your checklist of putting tips, I guarantee you will make more putts.

    This picture is shading of the correct (LEFT) side of the basket in red to aim for when using your right hand to do the pushing for the Bi-Moto Putt.

    ((By the way, if you are new to the game of disc golf, this logic is so very useful for all putting methods! You will love learning that one side of the basket will pull your disc in, while the other side will spit your disc out. If you are using a left handed back hand motion, aim for the LEFT side of the basket. See the above picture!.))

Side of basket to aim for when using left handed Bi-Moto method

    So If you are a left handed Bi-Moto Putter, then you need to aim for the (RIGHT) side of the basket.. to enjoy the "pull in" effect.

    Most people, using a standard putting method, are using a backhand motion, and if you are using a right handed backhand putt, you will want to aim for the RIGHT side of the basket.

    Now that you know how to aim for a certain side of the basket, then you will want to integrate that knowledge on all your putts.. no matter if you are in short range, or long range. However, there is something to use for switching between long range and short range putts!
Straight in for short range

    I have found that there is a significant difference in Bi-Moto results, when focused on the correct path to the basket, based on the distance you are from the basket.  It is common sense to use a straight in path when close to the basket.. (say, inside of 5-6 strides away). However, it is easy to lose focus and not use the straight in path, accidentally causing your disc to fly too high.. (ARGH!)
    So as you walk up to your putt, decide if it is a short range, and if so, then begin to narrow your focus by thinking and doing.. "straight in."

Use an Arc path when using Bi-Moto long range     However, I found there is then a tendency of a Bi-Moto Putter to keep trying to use a straight in path on the longer distance putts.. and that is something that I also discovered is totally bogus.

    So, if you want to learn how to integrate long range Bi-Moto putts.. then you will have to remember to practice and integrate the arc path. Once you decipher the different applications, you will be able to suddenly shift your focus between long range and short range Bi-Moto putts.  With a HUGE increase in long range success, and limited short range errors.

Aim here whenshooting long distance putts
    Next, you have the element of aiming at more selected parts of the basket based on how far away you are.

    When close up.. you aim for a height the middle of the basket, (BLUE ZONE) but when outside of say, 5 strides, then you may still be using the straight in path, or using the arc path, but you will want to shift your aim to reach a point that is in the RED ZONE, as you see in the picture here.  The slight mental shift of your aim point makes a huge difference in the Bi-Moto Putt.

   By the way, this is also a key tip for when the wind is behind you.. blowing at your back., on all short range putts don't aim for the blue zone aim for the red zone instead.

   (Wait till you learn what I have to teach you about when the wind is in your face! It is the most amazing tip of all that I have discovered, works like a charm.. More later)