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The Bi-Moto Putting Checklist

1. Set up with hand on back of disc.
2. Level aim (using reflection off top of disc, while still lining up with target in line of site too.)
3. Focus to shoot with either a straight in path for short range, or with an arc path for longer range.
      Use the perfect aim point : Either higher up on the basket, or in the middle of basket (less 5 strides)
       Use an aim point to the correct side of the basket (in my righthanded case, it is the left side of basket)
4. Put a good spin on the throw.. (as much spin force as trajectory force forward). (see video soon)

5. Use the upper body motion for additional whip effect, either with a step, or in a stationary position.
     Release while body motion is going forward. Not at the end of  body motion. (see video soon)
-------WIND TIPS TO BOOT-------
6.  Use wind tips, based on if wind is coming from behind you, aim even a bit higher (ie 1 or two feet higher, than the standard tip suggests), or if blowing in your face, use the straight in path even if it is a longer range putt, and use all other  tips, but use them in what I call the "SLOW MOTION" method (see video soon).  If wind is coming from either side, then stick to the basic tips above.

    Whenever I am putting now, I use this checklist mentally and it does double duty. First it insures that you are using all the available "correct" tips available - not forgetting one-... and also it seems to calm a lot of the mental squirrels that want to run around inside of one's head. It is as if, by having such a positive checklist to focus on, then all the mental squirrels have something to focus on too, rather than running around to make you lose focus and have a doubt.  Afterall, if you are focused on nothing but correct tips.. then you aren't leaving much room for the doubting kinds of thoughts to squirm their way into your head before making a big putt. The above checklist is just the right amount of good info to keep you focused on good thoughts at every moment, and leaving no room for doubting thoughts.

    So I cannot tell you in words here, how beneficial it is to have this mental checklist running through your head as you are getting ready to putt, and as you make the putt. All I can say is that once I figured out all these specifc checklist items, and then put my mind into confirming that each part of the list is checked off in my mind's eye, ready to be used.. then my putting ratio sky rocketed in favor of making all the short range knee knockers, and making even 50 percent of the long range putts..(even ten strides or more away!) while coming very close everytime on the other 50 percent.

It is a checklist that is proven to work. And you can tell your playing partners, after making a tough putt, or a knee knocker, that "it's all about using the Bi-Moto checklist."

    Oh, one other point, I will try to elaborate on here for you.. is the "SLOW MOTION" method.  Like I said, see the video when it is on this site soon, but let me first try to explain this in words.  When the wind is blowing in your face for a putt.. use all the same motions, however do them in a fashion which resembles a slow motion movement! Slow motion movement allows the disc to float better on the cushion of the incoming air!  It is an incredible thing to witness let alone to DO.. but it works.   

    Whenever I am faced with a putt with the wind blowing in my face, I do everything in the checklist, and then I make that one last checklist adjustment, to do it in slow motion.. ie.. half the speed and half the force on everything. Somehow, this method works much better to keep the disc on line to the basket.  Experiment with using this technique on a windy day, get in a position with the wind in your face, and use a "slower motion" movement of Bi-Moto putting techniques and see what I am talking about. No other tip will equal it, when  faced with having to putt into the wind.  ENJOY!