The World's Best Tip:
Forehand (for Beginners)

If you want to be the most effective coach, or if you are a new player who wants to learn the forehand.. this tip below is a huge gem. (See Critical Acclaim ). Check back on this page in the near future for more special tips for beginners. Soon to come is the page for "How Beginning Disc Golfers can use 3 tips to drop 18 strokes off their game immediately!"

To use this "best tip" you should get the video "Heave H.O.E." and study the section for the forehand because this "best tip" will quickly allow you to groove a crucial piece of the "Heave H.O.E." instructions for the forehand. It is done with the following tool: - a footlong stick, like a sturdy twig or broken tree branch. And what this tip does, is drastically improve the amount of spin on your disc - as taught by using "Heave H.O.E. Snap."
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(These tips are easier than running a business or applying for any business loans!)

The reason a small stick is so effective for practicing the "Heave H.O.E. Snap", is because you can virtually make a stick spin through the air, much like helicopter blades, by using the "Heave H.O.E. Snap" to spin it. By using the stick, (verses a disc) you can easily judge the amount of spin you are actually applying on each throw. Simply put, the more spin you can get on a stick this way, the more you will find your forehand drastically improve when using the same snap on a disc! The method is as easy as building a business with

((NOTE!: When a stick is spinning fast enough, a neat optical illusion occurs during it's short flight through the air to confirm you are doing it right. When the stick spins fast enough, it creates an optical "plus sign" (+) illusion for a moment in mid-flight. So, if you can grab a stick and make it spin enough to create this optical illusion, then you know you have a good amount of the snap needed for a good forehand. However, if you do not see the stick creating an optical (+) illusion at any moment of it's flight, then you know you aren't getting enough snap, and the instructional throwing video "Heave H.O.E"  will show you how. Heave HOE
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The beauty of this tip, is that if you find you are having problems with your forehand, it is almost always because you don't have enough of the "Heave H.O.E. Snap" in your throw. This snap insures you get enough spin to always make your disc fly straighter and farther . So if you know how to do this snap, you can use this "best tip" to practice the motion simply anywhere, anytime, by bending over and just picking up a few twigs- and Heaving HOE.

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....FREE Disc w/Video!5/12/01 Journal Entry: We took several children out on a disc golf course. (The Golf course was owned by a small business and allowed for a day of filming!) They were taught the Heave H.O.E. Basics just for the forehand, and then were given 5 or 6 sticks to use for specifically practicing the Heave H.O.E. Snap. Within minutes, all of them were executing the forehand as their main throw. They were able to reach almost every basket in par, and even threw farther than any of the beginning adults on the course. At times throughout the course, we suggested that they needed to pick up a stick again as they walked along and practice the Heave H.O.E Snap, which always improved their very next throw.

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....FREE Disc w/Video!5/24/01 Journal Entry: We walked along a disc golf course with twoHeave HOE players who had excellent throws. When we got to discussing what was revealed on Heave H.O.E. Basic Instructions, they asked us, "Exactly how DO you skip a disc?" (They both said that they had done it several times accidentally, and would love to be able to do it wherever they wanted to, but had no idea how it really worked.) So in the matter of one minute, we revealed THE ONE SECRET to skipping a disc just as it is explained in the 25 minute, Heave H.O.E. Basic Instructional video. Immediately,(on their VERY NEXT throws) BOTH players began to throw perfect long and short skips, just like they were asking to us to teach them to do. Both of them were very gracious to have this new ability, that we call the Heave H.O.E. Skip, in their arsenal of throws. After all, everyone should know exactly how to make a disc skip, don't you think?

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....FREE Disc w/Video!5/24/01 Journal Entry:
We went through one more round of 18 on the disc golf course with one of the disc golfers mentioned above -because he wanted us to help him fix his forehand throw, which was erratic and not going as far as he would like. Now his forehand was pretty good but did have one major glitch which is explained in excellent detail in the Heave H.O.E. video. This thrower had THE MOST COMMON GLITCH made by forehand throwers, and within minutes he understood what it was and how to correct it. With the steady explanationover several holes, he was able to make the changes and discover the distance and the accuracy he was looking for with his forehand.

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....FREE Disc w/Video 5/29/01 Journal Entry:
At the 2001 Memorial Day Disc Golf Tournament (Bohart Ranch, Montana), the two men who are responsible for the making of the Heave H.O.E. instructional video, captured the Master's Pro Championship title AND runner-up position. During the tournament, the man who captured the 2001 Memorial Day Amature Championship title, purchased a Heave H.O.E. instructional video specifically in order to learn how to best help his friends who are new to throwing a disc. He explained that because it is so difficult to teach new players how to throw well, he really wanted to own Heave H.O.E.. After purchasing the video AND getting a free disc with it, he asked, "Are you sure this is all it costs, because it sure seems like I'm getting the better end of this deal!" To which we replied that is EXACTLY what we want everyone to feel when they get the Heave H.O.E. video and a free disc.

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....FREE Disc w/Video 6/2/01 Journal Entry:
At the 2001 Blue Mountain Disc Golf Benefit Tournament (Missoula, Montana), the two men who are responsible for the making of the Heave H.O.E. instructional video, once again captured the Master's Pro Championship title AND runner-up position. During the tournament, the number 2 ranked PDGA player in Montana purchased a Heave H.O.E. instructional video. He explained that hisHeave HOE motivation to invest in the video was as a gift to his brother- who is a P.E. Teacher. (The video is of great help to all teachers who want to quickly teach children how to throw a disc straight and far.) It was announced at the tournament that the video is the number one tool for bringing more and more children into the disc sports, and that -over time- this could easily influence the prize money for disc golf virtue of simply having more contestants entering tournaments.

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....FREE Disc w/Video 6/16/01 Journal Entry: At the 2001 Big Sky Open Disc Golf Tournament (Helena,Montana) one of the two men who are responsible for the making of the Heave H.O.E. instructional video, once again captured the Master's Pro Championship title. For the Big Sky Open Amateur Division the Top Prize Award was a "Heave H.O.E." video and free FRISBEE Disc.. Awarded to the new 2001 Amateur Champion titleholder (Steve Tolo from Bozeman MT).

Order the video.......FREE Disc w/Video 6/24/01 Journal Entry: At Lindley Disc Golf Park, (Bozeman, Montana ) Mystery DJ , -MDJ (one of the two men responsible for the making the Heave H.O.E. instructional video), had finally managed to start to birdie Hole 15 on a consistent basis by making longer and straighter drives to the base of the target. This is a long (unmeasured distance) and some local amateur disc golfers were standing at the tee of Hole 16 watching the standard Drive and seeing it land at the Base of Hole 15. As MDJ walked up to tap his birdie shot without having to throw it, he turned to the existing group at the 16th tee and was invited to "play on through." Before throwing though, one of the people in the group asked MDJ if there was a trick to throwing a disc so far and so straight. MDJ quickly explained, in fact that he and a FRISBEE disc throwing partner of 20 years had made an instructional video- with public television- on how to throw straight and far.. Called Heave H.O.E... and that it was available on the internet under most any search engine using the key word "FRISBEE video." Then he stood up on the 16th tee and shot down the short fairway, over-driving the target by a small amount. AS MDJ started to walk away, one of the guys in the group spoke up again and with a smile sincerely asked for a couple of tips from a pro about how to throw a flying disc so far and so straright. To which MDJ turned and paused to think about something to say and then said, " I will. In fact I can give you one of the best tips in about 3 seconds." To which the young man and everyone else in the group gestured positively awaiting for such a morsel to be revealed. Then MDJ started to walk away and over his shoulder he simply said with a smile, " Get the video ." Everyone started to laugh because it was clearly and truthfully the "best tip" anyone could get (or give) in 3 seconds or perhaps even in a whole lifetime. Then, just for the showmanship of it, MDJ promptly walked to his disc near the 16th Hole and made the medium distance putt for yet another birdie in a row.

Order the video.......FREE Disc w/Video 6/26/01 Journal Entry: At Cottonwood Public Golf Course (Four Corners, Montana) Mystery Dj - MDJ (one of the two men who are responsible for the making of the Heave H.O.E. instructional video), was walking a 9 hole, three-par golf (ball) course while both his sons (8 and 10) played in a practice children's golf tournament during the morning. While attending to a flight of three children ages 10 (his son),11 and 12 throughout the whole course, MDJ also carried a Discraft XL disc golf disc. His goal was to try to fit in a throw of the disc on the golf course. The goal was to measure the distances of a few good throws on a golf course, because there, the yardage from each tee to green is already calibrated and listed somewhere for the golfers who want to know.

Coincidentally, the occasion to make a throw did not arise until the city highschool (Bozeman Senior Highschool) golf coach walked up and started to watch his son, who was playing in the same flight as MDJ's son. The coach was the father of the 12 year old in the group. One thing led to another and the golf coach soon asked MDJ what he did for a living. He (MDJ quickly went onto discuss the various ways he has become a FRISBEE disc professional, but how in the last 3 years because of the video "Heave H.O.E.," the profession is now a valid profession.

The golf coach was totally floored by the fact that such a thing as a "FRISBEE disc professional" could exist. However after hearing some of the details about the sales of the video through the Whole-World-Wide Internet Website he had to admit it was true. Especially after hearing the various details like the upcoming American Library Association review (Booklist, August 2001 issue), to the School Library Journal review (July 2001 issue), to the TV news coverage, to the free clinics and the AD Tournaments for children, and including the various appearances in schools..displaying what can be done by just pitching and catching a flying disc. And then, just for grins, MDJ went into how he and his FRISBEE disc partner have started to accumulate a consistent record of winning every Disc Golf Master's Pro title in each and every 2001 Disc Golf tournament that they have entered throughout Montana. And then to add to all that, He went into the one reason for being on the golf course with a disc in hand- to start attempting to break the world distance record for a flying disc throw.

Nevertheless, MDJ knew that the coach was going to be floored if the coach could see the disc fly. But he wasn't sure if the coach might think it was inappropriate to throw a disc on a golf course. That question was answered when MDJ showed the disc to the coach and told him that he wanted to throw one or two just to measure the distances which are already figured out- on a golf course. To which he asked the coach if it would be okay with him. The coach was very calm about it and said it would be no problem at all.. In fact he said, he was actually very curious now to see how far it could be thrown.

So MDJ began his preparation by asking the question burning in his mind: "What is the yardage on this particular hole?" The coach paused and looked down the fairway before he said, it's a hundred and thirty yards, but you aren't going to tell me that you can throw it THAT FAR are you!? MDJ. had seen it coming, the utter disbelief of someone who has never seen a FRISBEE disc professional before. (Of course there aren't a whole lot of them around! So who has yet?). But in the face of all that standard disbelief, MDJ went ahead and told the coach that 130 yards was considered a "short" Long Drive in Disc Golf. The coach was still in disbelief and reiterated his point in a different way, as if MDJ might be a little thick. He said, "I mean that is a hundred and 30 YARDS.. not FEET! To which MDJ replied, "Believe me, I understand what you are saying. 130 Yards. And the world record is now over 700 feet..which would be over 230 yards." Now that was some serious food for thought for the coach.

The fact was, MDJ. was not really thinking about making a record breaking throw right then. With the distance of only 130 yards, he switched his focus now to giving his throw a strong chance to hit the pin on the green...just to REALLY give the coach something to think about. So he told the coach that, based on the distance, he was thinking about this new idea of hitting the pin and wanted to enlist his help in telling this thrower where the pin was located on the green. To this, the coach freaked. He said, if the disc even JUST landed on the green he would be aghast, and would now KNOW that there truly were such people as FRISBEE pros.
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So next, MDJ. began the mental process for aiming to go the distance, and in fact, focused more on preventing an OVERTHROW on the hole. He aimed to glide a disc onto the green to hit the pin without even making a divot. Now while getting mentally prepared, the coach interrupted the boys who were waiting on this particular tee before they could tee off. And before the boys stepped up to hit, the coach preceded their drives by announcing to everyone who could hear " Let's see how far a man can throw a flying disc on a golf course."

MDJ was not anxious to break the boys' rhythm and so he humbly told everyone he would wait his turn, since this WAS a "golf" course, and he didn't feel like taking "the box" as if it were a folf course. However when the golf coach rather insisted that this was important enough to see and that the boys could wait, the stage was set and everyone started waiting. Which, at that point, put MDJ on the spot in front of his boy (10) and the two other boys.. and now a golf coach..all on his first practice throw on a golf course.

Right before throwing, MDJ asked the golf coach about his discus throwing knowledge regarding the wind and the throw. Coincidentally, the coach was VERY informative about the use of the wind in a discus throw..and it made complete sense to MDJ So armed with the new knowledge, and 20 years of FRISBEE disc experience, on top of his recent surge in mastering the Discraft XL brand golf disc, he measured his throw in his mind's eye- just like on any tournament throw. The nerves settled and he pictured the throw. He made a final mental note of his concern for over throwing the green, and then he simply heaved H.O.E.!

To everyone's amazement the throw was a forehand, and the disc stayed low, about no more than 10 feet off the ground. It traveled straight as an arrow with a very slight bit of anhyzer tilt for about fifty yards and then straight on level flight for another fifty yards until it ended just beside the green - pushed off course at the end with the standard hyzer-fade that is a typical finish to a Discraft XL throw.

As mentioned above, this disc made it's way through the air perfectly graceful and straight, and it traveled very low over all of the ground it covered.. It easily traveled 120 yards that way. But what also occurred while the disc was in the air, was the gasp of every onlooker- (( except MDJ's son (10)...who's only reply to his fellow golfers was just," My Dad is a FRISBEE disc professional."))
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  After the boys had hit their golf balls, the talked resumed to the disc throw. The coach was astounded that the disc could fly so far at so low an altitude over the ground. MDJ explained that he was trying to not overdrive the hole and that the low trajectory helped insure the safer distance. He mentioned that to throw farther, the trajectory would go higher. But the coach was still amazed and said he expected to see the disc go sailing a hundred feet up and then land softly on the green - if it could even be done at all.

Before parting company that day, the golf coach insisted that the video be reviewed- or advertised in one of the several PE equipment magazines that School PE teachers and coaches look through every year. He also suggested that people might want to download the whole 25 minute video over the internet- which would save shipping, handling, and postage costs and time for both the company and it's customers. MDJ thought those were both brilliant ideas..and he thanked the coach profusely.

By the way, the etiquette practiced by young people in the sport of Golf.. is very close to the same etiquette taught to the youth in Disc Golf.. MDJ had two boys enter onto a golf course for the first time, already knowing and able to use the golf course etiquette. He does admit though that his children have a lot more to learn and offers advice to all parents that raising children successfully is always an ongoing process.. One that never quite ends until the kids reach 30 or 40, or so!.

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FREE Disc w/Video 6/27/01 Journal Entry: At Lindley Disc Golf Park,
(Bozeman, Montana ) Mystery DJ - MDJ ran into Steve Tolo on the disc golf course (Steve Tolo is mentioned above in the 6/16/01 journal entry: as the winner of 2001 Helena, Montana Disc Golf Tournament Amateur Title- and he earned the top prize, a Heave H.O.E. FRISBEE Disc Instructional Video along with a free FRISBEE brand disc). It was an opportunity for Steve to tell MDJ how appreciative he was to win this video and the free disc. He said that once he heard it was up as the top prize, he really worked a lot harder to win the Amateur Title! His goal : to give the Heave H.O.E Instructional video and a free disc to his niece as a gift for her birthday.

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7/24/01 Journal Entry: 2001 Big Sky State Games Discgolf Masters Event (Billings Montana)
From: Mystery DJ
To: michelle baker-watson of www Disc Golf For Women
Subject: Re: Disc golf for women
Date: Sunday, June 24, 2001 8:30 AM

Hey Michelle,
Thought to take a moment to check in with you.
((This weekend we played, for the first time, a course called The Diamond X in Billings Montana ... it was a tournament for the State's equivalent of Olympic Games and disc golf was included as an official event for the first time..
Not knowing the course at all.. and struggling in the first round, I was in last place for the Master's- after the first round. Plus, the course devours discs since most of it is played from on the top of and on the sides of cliffs ! Lost my only putter off of one side of a cliff early in the first round and was resigned to play with basically only a driver the whole rest of the way.. even in the second round. However, I gritted teeth and pulled up my bootstraps for the whole second round, to catch up to all but one of the lead guys.. -Without a putting disc, I lost the Gold Medal by only three strokes and then had to do a playoff for the Silver medal. Still, without a putter. But after playing 36 grueling holes, I was fairly well acclimated to what needed to be done on each hole.
The first tee off of the playoff was a shot straight UP a cliff. So with a classic "heave hoe drive" (very long and straight) I fortunately landed nearly at the base of the basket on a very long tee shot.. , the other Master used two strokes to get to the same putting area and then had a thoughtful put for par which he missed. So I only needed to two-put to win it. And did so. No money this time- but a medal in the "state games." Next year, we are bringing a serious inventory of drivers and putters.. and looking to bring home "the gold!"))
Anyway... hoping for a cross link and testimonial from you soon.. BTW, did you see we got an endorsement from School Library Journal ?.. also THIS month (August) we are getting a similar endorsement from The American Library Association- Booklist magazine. Huge endorsements in the camp... but still looking forward very much to yours.

More later,Heave HOE
Sincerely, Order the Video
Mystery DJ in Montana Free Disc With Video


> From: michelle baker-watson of www. Disc Golf For Women
> To: Mystery DJ
> Subject: Re: Disc golf for women
> Date: Thursday, July 05, 2001 2:06 PM

> hey putt up!!
> This is michelle baker-watson from santa cruz. Received your offer to post
> my link/ would gladly love to be involved. Send me your video and any
> surveys or whatever you need. I also teach classes through the parks and
> rec dept. I have also worked with qualifying kids for the junior FRISBEE
> championships
. keep in touch and feel free to post my link.
> love the
> jester

> From: michelle baker-watson of www. Disc Golf For Women
> To: Mystery DJ
> Subject: Re: Disc golf for women
> Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2001 10:37 AM
> hey putt up!
> I had a chance to check out the Heave H.O.E. video, and I was very impressed.
> As an instructor myself, I found it very informative . "A must see video for the
> beginner", and "A great tool for the intermediate player"
. I learned something
> from it myself!
Thanks guys for thinking of the women players out there.
> Good luck and keep "heaving" that disc.
> michelle "jester" Baker

Heave HOE
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FREE Disc w/Video 8/18/01 Journal Entry: 2001 Crazy Horse Open (Bozeman MT, Bohart Disc Golf Resort) The two men who are responsible for the making of the Heave H.O.E. instructional video, captured another Master's Pro Championship title and second place. At this tournament The "Heave H.O.E." video and free FRISBEE Disc found a most fitting new niche as an award .... The Tournament Director wisely awarded it as the prize for the amateur with the highest score.. or, in other words for the person coming in D.F.L. (Dead Freaking Last) ! : - )((However, the poor gent had not been aware of this infamous prize and therefore had already left before the award ceremonies began. Next time, the Amateurs need to know about this fitting award during the player's meeting, before the games begin. ))

Heave HOE Order the video.......
FREE Disc w/Video 9/9/01 Journal Entry: 2001 Montana Disc Golf State Championship (Missoula MT, Blue Mountain Disc Golf Course) One of the two men responsible for the making of the Heave H.O.E. instructional video captured the State Title for Accuracy . A Heave H.O.E. instructional video and free disc were awarded to the State Champion D.F.L. ,again much to the entertainment of his fellow disc golfers.

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FREE Disc w/Video 9/22/01 Journal Entry: Kid's Day America (Bozeman MT) One of the two men responsible for the making of the Heave H.O.E. instructional video (Now being dubbed "The H.O.E. Dudes") was unexpectedly given the Kid's Day America Award for Empowering Children . The award included a large plaque that was given away during a Kid's Day America ceremony.

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FREE Disc w/Video 10/13/01 Journal Entry: 2001 Montana State University Disc Golf Championship (Bozeman MT, Montana State University Disc Golf Course) One of the "H.O.E. Dudes" captured the MSU Championship title.

Idaho Steel Limited Edition Disc Golf BasketOrder the video ....... FREE Disc w/Video
05/13/02 Journal Entry:
2002 Idaho Falls Snake River Series Tournament
Idaho Steel Basket
(Idaho Falls ID, Freeman Park Disc Golf Course) One of the "H.O.E. Dudes" captured the Grand Prize! A limited edition  disc golf basket, compliments of the Idaho Falls Tournament and Idaho Steel -the maker of this basket. Rumor has it that Idaho Steel took a shot at making 3 such baskets just to see how they could do it, but then decided they would have to sell them for $800 if they were in the business. Two of these baskets are on the course at Freeman Park Idaho Falls, and the third has made it's "HOme" in Montana.  

the video ....FREE Disc w/Video
5/29/02 Journal Entry:
 2002 Memorial Day Disc Golf Tournament
(Bohart Ranch, Montana), One of the "H.O.E. Dudes" succesfully defended the Master's championship title. 

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7/20/02 Journal Entry:  2002 Montana State Games: Disc Golf Event
(Diamond X Course, Billings Montana)  After learning the course last year and coming up short (with a silver medal), one of the "H.O.E. Dudes" was able and determined to put the acquired knowledge of the course to use this year. And he indeed went forth to capture the Master's gold medal at this year's  State Games Disc Golf Championship - not only that, but he won it by a very comfortable 13 stroke margin. At this year's Montana State Games for Disc Golf -held at Diamond X course in Billings MT - the world record for the longest ace was obtained .  

Ord er the video ....FREE Disc w/Video 7/27/02 Journal Entry: At the 2002 Big Sky Open Disc Golf Tournament (S cratch Gravel Course  in Helena,Montana)  Directly after coming off of a win at the Montana State Games the week before -the H.O.E. dudes were asked to compete in the Pro division of this tournament rather than compete in the Master's division -although neither of them had ever played this course before. In the end, one of the H.O.E. Dudes won the Big Sky Open (Pro title) with a birdie on the 5th hole of a well contested,sudden-death playoff against Allen (Al) Russell.

 Order the video....... FREE Disc w/Video 9/14/02 Journal Entry: 2002 Montana Disc Golf State Championship (Missoula MT, Blue Mountain Disc Golf Course) One of the H.O.E. Dudes won the 2002 Master's title for Montana -having lead from wire to wire over 4 rounds of play Saturday and Sunday.

Order the video . ......
FREE Disc w/Video 10/13/02 Journal Entry: 2002 Montana State University Disc Golf Championship (Bozeman MT, Montana State University Disc Golf Course) One of the "H.O.E. Dudes" defended the MSU Championship title.

5/29/03 Journal Entry:  2003 Memorial Day Disc Golf Tournament
(Bohart Ranch, Montana), One of the "H.O.E. Dudes" succesfully defended the Master's championship title for the third year. 

7/12/03 Journal Entry:  2003 Idaho Snake River Series, Targhee Open
(Grand Targhee Resort, Alta WY)  In his first time on this course, a PDGA sanctioned event, one of the H.O.E. Dudes cruised to captured 2nd place for Intermediate Am Division.

7/20/03 Journal Entry:  2003 Montana State Games: Disc Golf Event
(Diamond X Course, Billings Montana)  One of the H.O.E. Dudes barely defended as the Master's gold medal winner. Blistering through a full day of 110+ degrees heat, it then boiled down to a victorious playoff against Bozeman's Steve Tolo (a new Master who turned 40 this year). For a full week afterwards, the HOE dude wandered around with serious case of heat exhaustion.

9/19/04 Journal Entry:  2004 Montana State Disc Golf Championships:
(McDonald Pass Course, Helena Montana) In a rain and snow soaked championship, one of the H.O.E. Dudes, barely captured the Master's State Championship title. It came down another playoff with Steve Tolo, and on the 1st drive, the H.O.E. Dude heaved a pinpoint shot which nearly aced the hole by hitting the basket. It dropped right at the base, and the runner up, Steve Tolo, had a 50 foot chance for birdie which he could not convert.

#1 Montana Pro

Try using the Heave H.O.E. Basic Instructional video. It is THE WAY for everyone to learn Frisbee disc throwing- in minutes. Order now, to improve yourself, or to improve your coaching, or as an excellent gift to a new disc player

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2002 Montana Pro Division State Champion

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