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Listen to this radio broadcast announcing:
Brent Bell from Billings Montana

Heaves a 726 foot Ace.

Brent Bell Hole in One

(This day Brent's foursome was on 18 while my foursome was on 16, when suddenly cheers and hoots erupted from all across the course. This is what had just happened) Okay, imagine you are standing on the edge of a two hundred foot cliff and 186 feet below and 726 feet away is the 18th basket in the final round of the feared Diamond X Disc Golf Course in Billings Montana. The event? The 2002 Big Sky State Games- Montana's largest sporting event.

Imagine throwing a disc that zigs this way, then helixes that way. Finally it decides on a path which is gently swooshing towards that basket.. but as you know, anything can happen during 726 feet of flight. A gust this way, a draft that way. Yet on this day, forget that! At this tournament, with this disc, for this man, the flight stayed on a straight, true B-line all the way to it's destiny -as the new world record ace.

When it hit, there was obviously no bounce out, nor a glancing of the chains. No, when this disc hit, it swished around in the bottom of the basket a couple of times just to signal to everyone, that indeed it had made it to where everyone wanted to see it.

A little checking and (if no one argues..) there is no question that this 726 feet ace, is a new world record. And perhaps one that will last a very long, long time. (For even more info, a list of witnesses, and specific pics see more at . Disc throwing is a growing sport in Canada. - finding cheap flights there is a pretty easy task! Pack your favorite discs and find some new Canadian friends! )

Congratulations to Big Sky State Games , Brent Bell, and the local website who has been dedicated to the Diamond X Disc Golf Course. PREVIOUS RECORDED TOURNAMENT RECORD WAS 580ft Cory Justice hit Hole #27 at DeLaveaga DGC in the final regular round of the 2000 Master’s Cup. Direct Links for your viewing pleasure:
See the World record breaking 18th (Blue) Tee, Airfairway, and Basket

See the World record Diamond X Course in parts: The Front Nine, Black Nine and Blue Nine:
See various Diagrams and Pics of the course and each of the holes
,  including Topographical Maps
See various of the Diamond X Disc Golf Course local Players: climbing, relaxing, shooting, watching, cookin.

See the X!GOOGLE Mapping Site for Diamond X
Get a bird's eye view of the whole terrain!
NEWS FLASH: Disc Golfer Falls Off Diamond X

Place of Fall off Diamond X !

Learn more about this event and all the other cliffs here.
Place of Fall off Diamond X !
(4 time) Big Sky State Games Gold Medalist falls off this Diamond X cliff, and walks away with no injury! (Yeah!)
(I have personally peered over this ledge many times in search of a disc that fell over the edge, and when I do, I peer CAREFULLY!)

Looking down from spot of fall !

This is the view
looking down from the point of the mishap.

Learn more about this event and all the other cliffs here.

I kept hearing about the dangers of playing DG at this one place in Montana called the Diamond X ! Steep cliffs, intense 110 degree heat, and occasionally, rattlesnakes! I have never seen a rattler until this year, while playing early in the morning before a tournament started there. I was making my way through a part of the course that had the early morning sun hitting it. As I strolled to find my disc after a drive, I suddenly heard the dreaded rattle near my right foot! First note to self, "early sun = rattlesnake." Fearing a bite would soon be coming, I jumped back and to the left a little... out of its range. However, suddenly another rattle starts immediately right behind me by my left foot! Second note to self, "early sun = rattleSNAKES!"

I fricken had no idea where to go fearing a whole nest all around me, so within miliseconds, I had tiptoed out of the area, basically just stepping on thin air the whole way. 
Mystery DJ

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