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for show 12/16/05 Midnight - 3am
Heard in major cities throughout Montana on "the radio outlaw," KGLT (91.9 Bozeman)
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Tonight, Hello to people of Montana listening on your radios, and hello to those of you elsewhere, listening to KGLT via streaming audio on your computers. Tonight.. as your Mystery DJ,, I'd like to take you on a mental journey, using a simple toy, such as a Frisbee disc, as the object behind a potential Nobel Prize for peace. And who knows, perhaps a legitimate team of "Johnny Appleseeds" for the flying DISC now-a-days, could end up winning one Nobel Prize someday!
 Heck! We just learned the other day, that ANYONE can get NOMINATED for a Nobel Prize for Peace!
So maybe a couple of Frisbee Appleseeds could -get nominated- anyway.

So could  a "peace" of plastic be of help to stop the insanity that started with 9/11/01? Well throughout tonight you'll get to hear parts of a message to Principals, PE teachers, and even Philanthropists, about what they can do about it, and we'll also speak to fellow disc players. -  Finally, if everything goes right,   and we have time later in the show, we are going to be talking about some stories that, upon looking back, are the weirdest "premonitions" we had somehow prior to 9/11. If you had any wierd 9/11 premontions prior to it happening, then send me an email, and we can talk about it on the air tonight. For whatever it is worth, perhaps Life was somehow trying to warn us that such a disaster was impending. Email is
song 1. Kissing My Love - Bill Withers
song 2. Baby I Love You - Bonnie Raitt & BB King
song 3. Carwash - Sharkstail Soundtrack
song 4. Family Affair - Sly and the Family Stone
song 5. If You Want Me To Stay - Sly and the Family Stone
song 6. Looking At the World - Mike Doughty

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We were talking about how our imaginary Johnny Appleseed organization could be spreading the DISC sports to youth, and let's say they should meet with the school Principals of MT, at  their State Conference in Feb
Parts of their message to Principals could be about this:
A Frisbee Message to School principals:
More and more schools are using school assemblies, lesson plans, and Frisbee DISC golf courses as a total "seed planting" program.
  But let's see if even more schools are willing to work to get youth more "active" with flying DISC sports. Afterall, it's in the news all the time, that the U.S. NEEDS to get it's kids more active! What better way to do that, then to get them playing a sport for free, that they can do all day.. day in and day out. Typically, kids playing DISC golf, will hike typically 2 miles every time they go around their course. And we've all seen kids go around and around and around their course several times in a day. We say, "Teach kids the basics of how to throw their Frisbee discs straight and far for better health and social responsibility with flying DISC sports- and then watch what happens! That's what Rose park is all about in Bozeman.
If you sit down and talk with the City of  Bozeman visionaries,commissioners and various board members each one will say, "Do it! ..Do It Big!"

song 7. Carnival - Natalie Merchant
song 8. Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - New Voices of Freedom
song 9. Musicology - Prince
song 10. Love Is What I've Got -
song 11. Fly - Sugar Ray
song 12. Joyful Music - Derek Trucks Band
song 13. Happy People - R Kelly

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We were just talking to school Principals about how our imaginary Johnny Appleseed organization could be spreading the DISC sports to youth. However, I bet there is a school PE teacher or two listening out there tonight.  
One Message to you School PE teachers:
DID you know 5 million children in Iraq and Tsunami hit areas/ received Frisbees and Basic Frisbee throwing education through UNICEF?
When talking to Bozeman PE teachers about doing something similar, and even better in Montana..
they've said.. "Could you please start right now?"
14. American Gypsy - Santana
15. Feeling Way Too Good - Nickleback
16. - Chris Botti
17. Rainbow Caddilac - Bruce Hornsby
18. Forgiven - Ben Harper

We were talking about how to get organized with schools about spreading the DISC sports to youth for better health, and social responsibility. Now that should strike a chord in the heart of just about every Philanthropist on earth.
A Message to Philanthropists:
Iraq and Tsunami areas are spreading peace with Frisbees.
If it can signal to the kids a way to celebrate peace and better health,
then let's do it in any "area."
We don't need a disaster to give kids a way to celebrate peace and freedom together.
Funding (checks) for doing this in Gallatin County go to the Gallatin Foundation
specify you want your donation to go into the Course of DISCovery Education
 #'s adresses can always be found at the website
19. California Love - Roger & Zapp
20. That's The Way Love Is - Janet Jackson
21. This is How A Heart Breaks - Rob Thomas
22. Respect Yourself - Staple Singers
23. Raw Sugar - Paul Taylor

Message to disc players:
DID you know in Iraqs hardest hit areas..
 children also received thousands of Frisbees
with the message "Friendship" imprinted on them in Arabic and English?
Along with the efforts by UNICEF, that is Frisbee education like nowhere else on the planet.
And who knows?.. what if those areas end up being a standpoint of more peace in Iraq? Some think it might!
It WAS reported that kids were seen playing Ultimate in the streets of Iraq when the voting is going on during election days, when all the streets were closed, kids played frisbee there. What a symbol hard at work in a very hard place. Hats off to UNICEF and Spirit of America. Send 'em an email, and give them an "attaboy."
24. Can't Hang - Leo Kottke
25. Come Down - Bush
26. Deja Voodoo - Kenny Wayne Sheppard

Okay, now I mentioned that premonitions can be weird...
But in 1998 a board break "idea" hit us one day to try do with Frisbee,  and
(as a possible "Stupid Human Trick," because it WAS such a peculiar thing to do with a Frisbee,) we were asked to send a video of it to The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS in New York
Unknowing it's potential meaning, even the disc we used was dreadfully symbollic. A Grateful Dead "skull head" disc..!?
I do remember though, thinking it was too bad that the best disc to use for the stunt was that disc.
But it was because it was the most rigid of the Frisbee discs we had.
..What is weird, is the flying disc breaking through the board, now looking back at the footage, looks oddly like what some could call a premonition of a plane flying through a building. And with our sending it to David Letterman in New York, then it's all there, a premonition.
I'll see if I can get it posted on, and I am so sorry to all that it reminds us of something so dreadful. And yet, what if the same toy, is ironically able to turn into a strong symbol for Peace!? Just through the simple act of throwing and catching one, with friends? I'd feel safe to say it already has been doing that. I mean, on all our summer time holiday breaks which involve picnicing.. you know you're going to see a Frisbee flying somewhere, like a little flag for the holiday that everyone loves to play around with. So next time you see a Frisbee going through the air in a park.. be reminded to join in a momentary celebration of peace and freedom in your hearts and minds
27. Daughters -John Mayher
28. Train Fell Down - Rolling Stones
29. Low Down - Boz Skaggs
30. Eudemon - Steve Kimmock Band
31. Blues Don't Tell It All - Little Feat Announce

Okay, want to hear even more "weird?" Then, before 9/ 2000 Doug, my Professional Frisbee partner, jokingly
sent me an FBI Most Wanted picture of UBL. !.. He said.. of all things "Let's catch him! AND use the 5 million in reward money to get Frisbees and Basic throwing instructions into the hands of millions of kids worldwide!"
Well now, all we can say is.. "Who could have known how prophetic that would end up becoming one year later!? I didn't even know who the guy was when we got attacked. But eventually I was reminded of Doug's prophetic statement, and believe me, it blows Doug away too because he was just joking about catching the guy, who happened to be the number one most wanted at the FBI because of the first bombing at WTC, and then BAM that happens on 9/11. And now, by the way, the same reward is 25 million.
32. Higher - Robert Bradley
33. Burn To Shine - Ben Harper
34. Low Rider - War
35. Twenty Five to Midnight - Sting

Well that's it for tonights show everyone. It's been a pleasure to have you listening. Sorry that I couldn't find some of the music for those of you who had a request that you just HAD to hear. But, you know, its rough trying to run a radio show and also look up more music. So sorry, but we hope you enjoyed the rest. Like always, If you have any questions about who was played, or the name of the music you heard tonight,.. you can find a complete play list of this show on the internet. Just go to and look for the link to music. If you can't remember, then let me give you anther, very easy way to find it. You go to your favorite search engine, and search for "Frisbee instructions," or anything like that, and Bam! you'll see the site coming up at or near the top of the page. That's why I'm called.. your mystery DJ, If you want to hear more of me on the radio, then check that site for when the next show is scheduled. Enjoy!
36. If You Love Me - Brownstones
'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ...............................


Weirder still... Our Motodom phone number for 30 years.. has been 587-0119

Weirder ?>?  Source of name "Motodom"
Derived from an Oriental type of friendship. 30 years ago
Recently we got curious about what the literal meaning in Japanese,and it is = the Base
Guess what Al qaeda means in English?

Ok, this is too much premonition stuff.. Im gonna start having bad dreams!
But there truly is, unfortunately, more and I'll just have to leave it up to you, to make of it what you will.
But if you want more to hear more weird premonitions---click here