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A little bit of blue sky today. 
  Motos are pitted against Steve's team (again!)

Tied again.

HOE Dude1 seconds after
the second ace
of his lifetime.
"H.O.E.!!!" (Heaven On Earth!)

  On Hole #10, at The Hollow, near Belgrade MT    Webcam  Feb 5, 2006

HOE Dude1 getting his photo taken for ESPN,
by Steve at the scene of the ace.

                     Webcam  Feb 5, 2006
Pics from the scene of the ace.

More recording of the event at the scene.

Gets the Motos both hot after that ace!
Making hot drives on each of the next two holes.
 Which set up the other one's putts,
and he makes two on-fire, clutch birdy putts.
He just stays on-fire after the ace.
Found Eric's Wraith
After the First of the next two Birdies

The Motos make up 4 strokes in 3 holes.

Funny thing was.. HD1 called it right before throwing the ace.

He said, "We are going to make up 4 strokes in the next couple of holes."


Astonishing me, even to my positive sense of mental imagery.

Then he steps up and hits the ace....to start it all off.
A little windy. Nevertheless, they go on to shoot 5 under as a team.
It's only good for second place though because Steve's team is victorious with 6 under.

This would be considered a pretty good lay-up for par on Hole #5.
Steve's team got par on this hole.  Everyone else made a pretty standard bogey here.
A basket out there

Enroute to Super Bowl XL.

wow. Webcam  Feb 5, 2006

The entrance of the Motodom.com Skybox at the Super Bowl XL

Skybox entrance

Webcam capturing image inside of
the Motodom.com Super Bowl XL Skybox.

 H.O.E.! (Heaven On Earth)
                                                 Feb 5, 2006

View from inside the SkyboxTHE DAY'S Most Coincidental SYMBOLS

 Mote getting an ace, on his last day of disc golf, before surgery.

Super Bowl XL MVP = Heins Ward

Super Bowl Winners = Pennsylvania

 Motodom.com first school assembly event on "the other coast,"
was set up last week, for MAY '06,
in Reading, Pennsylvania.

"XL" was the most used image on this Superbowl.
 It was everywhere!
And "XL" is the name
of the first disc golf disc Motodom.com started using,

and the one that Motodom.com always, always gives away
with  Heave H.O.E. video/dvd for disc golfers.

I'm surprised we didn't hear, "Hello Moto," once during the Super Bowl

International Customer: Alfons Grabner
Thursday Feb 9 2006
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 8:29 AM
Subject: Hi Alfons Grabher, International Customer: Forehand

Well Hello Alfons,
Please tell us if you have a great forehand yet? :-)And are you teaching others yet? 
Thanks again for your order. My Frisbee partner Doug goes into surgery today. For a new hip.
Check out the new page. www.motodom.com/forwebcam.html
And many others!
webcam entry     Feb 9, 2006
Late Show Stupid Human Trick by Motodom

Found some old footage today of the very first
 Frisbee Board Break. (That 1.1.88 in the corner, is one of those camera battery things..) This must have been more like in 1998 or 1999. By the way.. this video was prior to making one for the Late Show.  The bags had to be moved over to protect the mirror to the right! It was almost broken on a couple attempts.
Click here to see video of first Frisbee Board Break

See the video of this first time event.

Antelope Crossing Middle School, Sacramento           

   webcam entry   Feb 9 2006

  Beginning of the 3rd assembly of the day
  (this group was of 7th graders)

  Antelope Crossing Middle School, Sacramento CA.

Road to Fairmont HotSprings | Montana Middle And Elementary School Principals State Convention



On the way to:
Montana Elementary and Middle School Principals' State Convention

On the road to a state convention


More Motodom


The dom.
On the way back from Montana Elementary and Middle School Principals' State Convention

Road back home

On the way back home from
Montana Elementary And Middle School Principals' State Convention. A very good visit was had by all..

Last assembly before HOE Dude's surgery.


Good weather in all travel.
The Bubble, hard at work.


Moto2  with
46 year old knees that need to be whipped into shape. "Use it or lose it," is the cry of the HOE Dude!

Darby the chicken dog Wenesday

Chicken Dog at his desk, in his office.

On the wayThursday

On the way to Mote's,

 two days after his new hip surgery!

Moto after two days from surgery for new hip
Two days after
hip replacement surgery
Moto, gimp walking

He walks!?

T-minus 56 days until the next School Assembly, on April 10th, 2006
New standing place

    A few of the hundreds of tools used for his hip replacement surgery

Do you really want a closer look? Sit down, if so.


And still many more hip replacement tools not shown here!

Jhoon Rhee
Jhoon Rhee


10th degree Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster

   Pretty sure that Jhoon Rhee does 1,000 push ups a day, and 5,000 sit ups a day. Even if he is sick.
  And there's us, getting excited about 60 push ups and 160 sit ups a day at 46-50 years old!

   Part of his philosophy is to get a full 100 years of wisdom, in the body of a 21 year young. 

(T-minus 55 days until the next Motodom.com School Assembly,
on April 10th,

Sun Disc
TWO Weeks after ..
complete replacement hip surgery, the motos went out to one of their favorite current pads, and practiced the first segment of the school assembly program. Without a hitch.

Even tho Mote1 was in form, he didn't want to do any "toes" today.  Too painful. Maybe that will change with time, but it wouldn't be a real great loss in the program, even if it has to be cut out on the one end. Reminder, (an early MOTOism philosophy) "If one moto can't, the other one usually can!"

Mote1 Sun Disc

Accuracy, as usual, was pretty key. Neither Mote could afford to move much more than one step. Which is, like, (What can they say?) They're not good because they're freaks.  They're good because they're  just  too old to catch anything else!"  :-) Just kidding, they can take maybe at least ONE step!....:-)
T-Minus 41 days (and counting until next scheduled school assembly, on April 10th, 2006)
Star Dust Saturday                          

Getting the solar system
 (Sun)  into the jam!
(Good form too!)

Sun Disc times


2 weeks after surgery

2 weeks after, (T-Minus 38 days - April 10:)
The goal, is to eventually be in "better" health after surgey, than before.  And have better mobility, with NO pain.  Pain -all gone! (but that's not today)

Walking up a step "in good form,"with a new hip, pushes the limits of one's pain, but it must be done! (But I mean, hasn't this poor leg already been through enough trauma?)
 (now I'm speaking for the leg
Bag tag #4 is challenged!

A glimpse of one of the top five Bag tags (#4) :-)
Only the top five are in the coveted red/orange color!

2 the proud owner, but how long can he hold on to it!?? Challengers are hot on his trail.

 Challenger ...#8..... rears its gray head.

     The game is afoot!
watch out for widowmakers!

One must watch out for "widowmakers" at the hollow.

This is one that came down right where we walk between hole #1 and hole #2.

hole 18

Last shot on hole 18... Moto2 retains #4 bag tag
Moment when 500th boards broken by a MOTO

Some old footage from 1993. As a fourth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Moto1 was raising money for Diabetes Foundation and broke 5000 boards, all by himself, in a board break-a-thon.  Notice the swollen hands! He later described it as an event of self-inflicted torture.

Today, as a (wiser) fifth degree black belt, he will leave this feat for others. However, says he may be talked into gracefully throwing half of the 3000 Frisbee disc throws,
at the World Trade Center, in remembrance of all the innocent lives lost on 9/11/01 -and as a signal for the masses of others around the world who would like to share a sign of solidarity to live in peace.

1st assembly after total hip replacement

But he was still healing, and  soon after this day, he began to have no pain. And no pain, was something that he hadn't felt for the last 6 years! See more of his stories below, within months afterhaving total hip replacement surgery.

    APRIL 10TH     Back in the saddle today.

Flawlessly, Moto1 was able to perform as if he hadn't even had surgery. No change.
Diamond X (New hole for region 7 PDGA)

BTW on the Diamond X Disc Golf Course last year, Moto2 Walked  into a den of rattlesnakes early in the morning one day while practicing. They love to lay out in the early morning sunshine.. to warm up..then they go underground until night time.


Scoping out new holes at
Diamond X.
Billings Montana

Here we are rangefinding & notetaking  the airfairways for perfect shots in future tournaments.

The tournaments here are often in 100 degree temperatures, combined with dangerous cliffs, climbing, and shot making. Numbers of people quit.

completed two rounds in a tournament here 9 weeks after hip surgery. YES!

AND he claims to feel no more pain. At least no more pain than any normal athletic man has. 

Media for the event

Unusually good media attention at one of the smalltown malls in Washington.                  
What will it be like in
Reading, PA?  
Road to 1st assembly after total hip replacement surgery.

On the evening road again, heading to another city a few hours away. To plant and fertilize yet another field of great Frisbee disc throwing kids, with another school assembly.

Moto1 is in great shape. Apparently he could now go on forever

So the goal:
See how we can keep doing this for 40 more years.

Montana disc golf attire Sunday

M.O.H.O. !

(More Of  Heaven On.)
Bi-Moto Putt technique

Bag tag round.

Bi-Moto Putt set-up.