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2/06 duo was invited to speak and present their program for better health in youth, at the Montana School Principals'
state conference.
11/05 was invited to  speak and present their program for better health in youth, at the state convention for Montana PTA.

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  We are the professional two man Frisbee demonstration team, who also created "Heave H.O.E." the world's first instructional DVD of "How to Throw Frisbee Discs," that became acclaimed in 2001 by both:
School Library Journal and American Library Assoc. Booklist
  As modern day Johnny Appleseeds of the Frisbee disc, our goal is to provide your students with the inspiration and instructions that will make them into the best Frisbee disc players in the nation. As a result, your students will discover levels of fun with Frisbee discs that was previously unimagined, and it will lead them to a lifetime of increased physical activities for better health and wiser friendships through flying disc sports. Many studies have been saying we need innovative ways to prevent childhood obesity in our nation, but few solutions are offered. As you read more about us, you will envision one smart solution that you can introduce quickly and easily to your school and community for addressing this serious issue.  Use our Frisbee demonstrations and physical education materials to start promoting a lifetime of fun activities, for better health with the inexpensive flying disc sports! 

Ready to be introduced at an assembly in a small gym.
About to plant another field of great Frisbee disc throwers.
(Any gym size will do. Plus we like to plug into your sound system too, or we can bring our own.)
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News story,

"Frisbee As Teachers"

1998 NBC (KTVM) video

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we see

250 Montana children


250 children in Montana

  The Frisbee DISCovery school assembly is truly a 21st century, educational "show," unlike any that you or your students have ever seen before. The professional Frisbee duo, Motodom, use their 50 years combined experience to make flying discs -fly- back and forth in so many ways, and with such creative precision, that it profoundly captures the hearts and minds of all ages! Plus it comes complete with a revolutionary curriculum for PE teachers to use in Frisbee throwing classes.

   In a total of 7 acts over 35 minutes, each part unveils new and phenomenal Frisbee skills which consistently generates a high level of spontaneous and energetic applause from all students. Plus, student participation in two of the acts (5 & 6) always lets loose golden moments of enthusiastic applause from the entire audience, on behalf of the successes of their fellow students. From coast to coast, this school assembly has proven to be a masterpiece that is treasured by all students, teachers, and school administrators who have seen it.

   The amazing display of Motodom's professional Frisbee skills, will strike a chord in your students to pick up a disc immediately to start practicing these new instructions. In this way, Frisbee play is transformed into a variety of calorie-burning activities, which amounts to a lifetime of fun that you will be happy to have turned your students onto -especially considering the new fight against childhood obesity.

  Then, to follow through on the seeds of enthusiasm generated by your school assembly, Motodom wisely provides you with a complimentary copy of their breakthrough PE lesson plans, acclaimed instructional DVD, and special Frisbee discs, all to get your students started quickly in the Frisbee sports. This way, your PE teachers can easily act on what your students will suddenly want to put to use, after seeing the assembly. Altogether you will truly have your students flying discs on the Course of DISCovery for a lifetime of better health.

  Finally, during each of the one minute pauses between each of the acts (when the duo aren't throwing), there is a warm and friendly educational message produced to teach and encourage youth to use these breakthrough FRISBEE disc throwing instructions as a "code" for peace.  It's true! Besides seeing FRISBEE disc throwing and catching, as you and your children have never seen before, the Frisbee DISCovery assembly wraps the demonstration into a positive lifestyle choice -inspiring all your students to  learn (and to teach others) the flying disc instructions, for better health and social responsibility.
A larger school and gym,in the East coast.
 During ACT 5: Children make putts into a golf basket.

Smaller Gym.
 During ACT 5: Children make putts into a golf basket.

450 children in the East Coast.
  During ACT 5: Children make putts into a golf basket.

250 children in the East coast
 During ACT 5: Children make putts into a golf basket.

1000 in an East coast highschool
  Ready to be introduced at a 1000 student assembly.

750 children in Santa Clarita CA
  During ACT 5: Children make putts into a golf basket
We show children how to make friends for life ..

    Each Assembly is packed full of Olympic style demonstrations, using precision freestyle throws and catches- and to top it off, the majority of each assembly is PERFORMED with pre-recorded background music which both delights the children and showcases this as a most exciting form of play. Like never before! In 35 minutes, these two professionals use their 50 years of combined FRISBEE experience to display lazer-like accuracy and timing in an exhibition that mixes FREESTYLE, DISC GOLF, & ULTIMATE. This assembly will flat-out inspire children to pick-up, and seek to learn how to throw a disc!

    Since "knowledge is contagious," the first job is to give your children critically acclaimed instructions, through a dazzling demonstration, then through the instructional DVD given to your school, and finally through the discs and lesson plans that are also left behind. Those who learn, are asked to pass on the instructions to three others, who are to teach three others, and so on.

    Imagine children using a "peace" of plastic in a local park as
a tool to bridge social gaps. In a couple of good throws, there arises a new bridge between children who would have otherwise remained as strangers. Certainly, by finding themselves playing together in peace, the children share thoughts of growing up and living together in peace too.


    We are embarking on new methods for arranging assemblies in your area. Let us know if you have a school that is interested.

   To find out if you're already in one these areas that have schools who are interested in having us.
Call: 406-600-9839


$650.00* for first assembly,
$350** for each additional assembly

in the school, on the same day.

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One School - Full Day Visit

**Additional programs" are those
that do not require a take-down & set-up again
  Letter from a Prevention Specialist
  RE: Red Ribbon Week FRISBEE DISCovery Assembly

    We were fortunate to be able to bring Craig and Doug of Motodom to our elementary school in Troy, Mt. last November. Their passion for what they do was reflected in their long journey across our big state to share their life skills lessons they have weaved into their dazzling Frisbee extravaganza. My job as a Prevention Specialist is to offer our students recognition for prosocial behavior, life skills and opportunities for healthy growth. The Motodom assembly offers all of these prevention strategies and then some..

    Swirling around their demonstration of amazing Frisbee prowess were lessons in team playing, getting along with each other, the joy of exercise, one's need to keep trying till you get it right, the importance of sharing with each other, natural ways to feel good and in general how one's attitude affects one's future. The program is fast paced and kept the students on the edge of their seats. They interacted with the students real well and took the time to answer questions. Motodom’s joy for what they do rubbed off on our k-6th grade students. The highlight was definitely when one of them threw a disc full court and made a basket in the basketball hoop. There was a quiet moment of disbelief across the gymnasium at that point which quickly turned to a frenzy of excitement.

    Our school PE teacher incorporated Motodom's lesson plans into her classes and we installed the Troy Timber Beast Disc Golf Park located in a 21 acre wooded county park across the street from the school. We had our first Family tournament in May and a Pro/amateur Disc Golf tournament on June 17th . Frisbee’s are flying all over the place in Troy. All of our community came together to finance and build our Disc Golf park and Craig and Doug’s enthusiasm  for both Frisbee and life helped add to our younger students becoming more involved with the sport.

    It was a pleasure to work with Motodom on this project and we are presently in negotiations to bring their assembly to middle schools in Libby and Eureka MT next fall. If they happen to be in your neck of the woods ask them to drop by your schools and share their talents. It will change your perspective on what a Frisbee is. Please feel free to call Lance Pearson the principal of Morrison elementary school at 406-295-3016 or myself at 406-293-7731 for any questions you may have.

Ralph Stever, LAC
Lincoln County Prevention Specialist


First Schools and Communities to get the Total Course of DISCovery Educational program

(Reviewer: at Paul Grubb (Spokane, WA USA) -November 9, 2004

I bought Heave H.O.E. because I was desperate for material to entertain my high school disc club on rainy days. I am the faculty moderator for a couple of dozen high school disc throwers. We play golf every Tuesday and ultimate on Thursdays. This week I showed them Heave H.O.E. and afterwards they ran to the gym. The kids lit up as they began to excel at a previously unachieved pace. I have been playing for years and finally I learned how these throws work. The most beneficial part is that I can teach them now. In addition this DVD is helping my kids learn the philosophy behind the sport that has taken many of us a long time to understand. The instructions are simple and straightforward, nothing too fancy, and totally in keeping with what hucking a disc is all about. If you want to learn very quickly how to flick, skip or pitch a disc with predictable accuracy this is a great DVD.

Breakthrough instructions 406-600-9839

If you can't get the duo there in person, then please show your children their critically acclaimed instructional DVD"Heave H.O.E." (Heaven on Earth). 25 minutes long for teaching accurate disc throwing .

A "must see" for all youth. They will be riveted for the entire show, and instantly improved Frisbee disc throwers. See acclaim by School Library Journal and American Library Association: Booklist

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Launch Map For SPreading New Frisbee Info

Or, would you please?
Consider helping in a nationwide launch of Frisbee throwing information to youth, by using this 10 lesson PE activity unit to teach students through your Health and PE classes?

PE Lesson Package

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$59.75 +shipping $8
Course Of DISCovery Education (CODE) PE Lesson Plan
  • Uses Heave HOE DVD instructions in lessons.
  • Delivers excellent FRISBEE throwing skills to youth.
  • Provides minor adjustments in lesson set-up to allow for all ages, K-12.
  • Starts youth in activities of Frisbee Golf, Ultimate, and Catch.
  • Includes lessons that motivate youth to practice a variety of specific calorie-buning activities indoors or outdoors, starting now, for a lifetime of fun!

Course of DISCovery |Rose Parkl Bozeman Montana

The Gallatin County Community (in Bozeman MT) has entrusted our non-profit group to spearhead the Frisbee-throwing-education of their youth and design of a unique PDGA Community Disc Golf
adult course project on 21 acres of prime Bozeman city land. This includes a novel community picnic area within the park for a youth folf course . ( A "miniature" disc golf course that we suggested would be ideal for the community's youngest players to play on, while the rest of the family recreates nearby.) We can also design similar courses for your school or local park .

....More about the assembly program below....

FRISBEE disc play naturally builds cooperation between all its players, and today, children can use this positive focus to promote peace. Imagine children from one school, knowing that children in other schools (cities, states and nations!) are being taught -just like they are- how to throw a FRISBEE disc together as an instrument for peace. For example, Iraqi children were recently sent two tons of Frisbee discs, as part of a large shipment of "goodwill packages! "

Frisbees thrown from tanks

we see

See CBS story "The Frisbee Is Mightier Than The Tank"

Eric Engberg

Peace of plastic

Peace of plastic
This generation of children
-and future generations-
can be given an
instrument to play with that they can use and share as a sign of peace.

The Frisbee disc is that instrument.



C.O.D.E. FRISBEE Disc School Assemblies

inspire children to see following:

The disc sports are inexpensive. They can be played anywhere!
Indoors, outdoors, an alley, a yard, the playground. The list is endless.

We demonstrate how playing with a FRISBEE Disc is not competitive.
See Instead, it boils down to two people working with each other's best interest at heart.
We demonstrate and ask children to recognize this as an instrument of peace which they can use to facilitate friendships- even between cultures.

Each assembly includes :

Heave H.O.E. (Heaven On Earth)

10 day PE lesson plan program .
By for teachers to use after the assembly.

  1 DVD "Heave H.O.E."
Critically acclaimed by School Library Journal
and American Library Association: Booklist


This assembly is FAST MOVING AND SAFE:

#1 GOAL of
C.O.D.E. FRISBEE Disc School Assemblies:



PLEASE email for more information to get a
C.O.D.E. FRISBEE Disc School Assembly at your school.

*FRISBEE is a registered trademark of Wham-O, Inc. The Course of DISCovery Education, and Heave H.O.E., and have no affiliations with Wham-O, Inc..

Typical comments from school administrators
who have recently seen this assembly.....

Fun with Disc Golf (FOLF!)
Cynthia Davidson , Counselor
Victor School, Montana performed for the 2003 Victor Teen Day. The assembly was entertaining and had an appropriate focus on helping students consider other alternatives to drugs and violence. The students enjoyed the assembly and workshop. As an educator, I would give them an "A" for their performance.

teach Teri Harris, Administrative Assistant
Winnett High School (K-12), Montana

The Frisbee Assembly last week rated a big "A+" with our students. We viewed the DVD in Freshmen and Sophomore PE classes the same day and worked on Frisbee throwing. Many of the kids were even "skipping" the Frisbee by the end of the PE class.

Thank you very much for the DVDs and frisbees. I can assure you that the assembly inspired many of our students to pick up a frisbee and learn how to throw it better!

Carolyn Tecca, Counselorcan do!
Melstone School (K-12), Montana

The assembly was great. Grade "A." We would even like to expand your ideas into our PE class.

Denton Web page
Denton School (K-12), Montana
Doug Quam and Craig Sward gave a stunning performance on different styles of throwing Frisbees. They have been playing Frisbee for about 20 years. They both encourage staying drug-free. You can learn more about both of them by checking out their DVD at the Denton School library. The movie also contains some of the world’s best tips for becoming a top-notch Frisbee thrower.