/ School  Assembly CONTRACT AGREEMENT

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- will provide the following:  
A. One 45 minute school assembly performed by the two professional FRISBEE players who created Heave H.O.E ! Doug Quam, Craig Sward.
B. One FREE DVD or video of "Heave H.O.E." Instructional FRISBEE Throwing:
D. One FREE 10 day Health Enhancement Lesson Plan of Throwing Basics and many Games that use Basics

OTHER DETAILS: FRISBEE School Assembly will arrive no later than 30 minutes early to set up. will provide all the equipment needed to perform for your school.

The School will need to submit a check (or visa will be accepted) at the end of the day of assemblies, for the amount due.
COST:  ------->$650 
For schools who want additional assemblies or PE clinics in same school, additional assemblies and clinics are each $350 on same day, same school, with no need to take down and setup again.

PURCHASE ORDERS: will work with any school which needs to submit a purchase order in advance to pay for an assembly.
Details will be worked out upon receiving a request for reservation date in order to submit in advance of assembly date.
CONFIRMATION / REMINDER CALL or EMAIL: will contact the school to confirm the assembly two weeks prior to the assembly date.
Although we understand that neither nor the the School would want to cancel an assembly date, it is also understood that such circumstances do arise. All we ask is for a school to make a notice of cancellation as soon as they are made aware of such a need. Call toll free 406-600-9839, or email, or send a letter to 430 N 3rd, Bozeman MT 59715.  No charge will be imposed on a school which needs to cancel, except expenses that have already been incurred, if any (ie. plane tickets)
CANCELLATIONS: (by will make every effort to travel through bad weather to arrive on time for all assembly dates, and we have never missed an assembly date. If the occasion happened to arise which prohibits travel, will notify the school as quickly as possible by phone.
SIGNATURES: Agreeing on terms and payment for #___ of assemblies dated  _____________,________ - _________

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