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To Whom It May Concern,

    We were fortunate to be able to bring Craig and Doug of Motodom to our elementary school in Troy, Mt. last November. Their passion for what they do was reflected in their long journey across our big state to share their life skills lessons they have weaved into their dazzling Frisbee extravaganza. My job as a Prevention Specialist is to offer our students recognition for prosocial behavior, life skills and opportunities for healthy growth. The Motodom assembly offers all of these prevention strategies and then some..

    Swirling around their demonstration of amazing Frisbee prowess were lessons in team playing, getting along with each other, the joy of exercise, one's need to keep trying till you get it right, the importance of sharing with each other, natural ways to feel good and in general how one's attitude affects one's future. The program is fast paced and kept the students on the edge of their seats. They interacted with the students real well and took the time to answer questions. Motodom’s joy for what they do rubbed off on our k-6th grade students. The highlight was definitely when one of them threw a disc full court and made a basket in the basketball hoop. There was a quiet moment of disbelief across the gymnasium at that point which quickly turned to a frenzy of excitement.

    Our school PE teacher incorporated Motodom's lesson plans into her classes and today in Troy we finished installing the Troy Timber Beast Disc Golf Park located in a 21 acre wooded county park across the street from the school. We had our first Family tournament in May and a Pro/amateur Disc Golf tournament on June 17th . Frisbee’s are flying all over the place in Troy. All of our community came together to finance and build our Disc Golf park and Craig and Doug’s enthusiasm  for both Frisbee and life helped add to our younger students becoming more involved with the sport.

    It was a pleasure to work with Motodom on this project and we are presently in negotiations to bring their assembly to middle schools in Libby and Eureka MT. next fall. If they happen to be in your neck of the woods ask them to drop by your schools and share their talents. It will change your perspective on what a Frisbee is. Please feel free to call Lance Pearson the principal of Morrison elementary school at 406-295-3016 or myself at 406-293-7731 for any questions you may have.

Ralph Stever LAC- Lincoln County Prevention Specialist