One School -  Full Day
Assembly + PE | Health Class Frisbee Throwing Clinics

provides a one school- full day visit package & price.

1. Assemblies and instructional clinics: While there for the day, we will perform as many assemblies as you need, and conduct Day One of the CODE lesson plan, instructional throwing clinics for several of your PE classes, or for other events you may have in mind. We will leave behind, one copy of Heave H.O.E. DVD, the complete 10 day PE lesson plan, and enough premium Frisbee discs for you to continue running classes of 30 students.
Full 1 day price $1750*
*plus travel expense of $1750.
(travel = airfare for 2, room, car, 2 days, 2 nights)
MT schools = $0 travel

*Note: If
you network with a couple other schools nearby, then we will offset the price of your Full day visit, by doing assemblies (for $650 each) at the other schools. As an example, upon our confirming that two nearby schools agree to have an assembly the day before (or the day after) your Full day, then your Full day price will be reduced by $1300. To accommodate for this, we will add one day to our visit.

Phone: 406-600-9839

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The Frisbees Imprinted With Friendship in Arabic and English

Boy with Frisbee in Fallujah

Children with Discs imprinted with Friendship
A " one school -  full day " package, is the purest form of Frisbee education available today. It is like giving students a good long drink from the Fountain of Frisbee knowledge. Knowledge they are thirsty for!

To start to generate immense interest in Frisbee throwing, ideally, you have a K-12 Frisbee School Assembly (or assemblies), done by the two Heave H.O.E. professionals, early in the first day. This is an event that your students will never forget! After that, the Bozeman-based Frisbee duo are instant celebrities.

They then procede to lead each of your PE Health classes, (or other events you have in mind) for rest of the day!
Putting students through "Day One" of the CODE lesson plan indoors or outdoors, while giving them valuable one-on-one tips, that will last over a lifetime.

This event is perfect for:
  • Reward Programs
  • Fitness Week
  • Teen Week
  • Health Week
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Fun For Kids Event
  • Back To School
  • Graduations
Most importantly, students will get a clear message, about how to promote better health and social responsibility with flying disc sports. Including how to show respect for each other and for the land that everyone uses.

During classes,
Rose Park, will be unveiled to students as the first city park ever designed for Frisbee players. Inviting all ages and skill levels to come meet up and enjoy flying discs together.

Health and PE teachers will also find it very refreshing to have two professionals in the school to provide this breakthrough Frisbee throwing knowledge. And by getting a demonstration of a typical day of the lesson plan, teachers see how easy it is to use the Heave H.O.E DVD instructions to take students to the next level. In fact, continuing to use the CODE PE lesson plan, days 2-10 are still ahead!

Call: 406-600-9839

Join in an exploding worldwide awareness of health & friendship with Frisbee discs.

Marines spread a message of peace in Iraq by giving 14,000 Frisbee's imprinted with the word "friendship" in English and Arabic to children, with help from Spirit of America 501(c)(3). The local residents in Fallujah gave it a big thumb's up, as Marines mentored children there about Frisbee throwing.

Recently, a grant in Clark County NV, allowed 13 schools to give each of their +10,000 students a flying disc as part of a total program to prevent obesity in schools that were at risk for obesity issues. Each of their Health and PE classes also included educating the students on throwing instructions with the CODE PE lesson plan.

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Frisbee's to 4 million Iraqi children , and tsunami-hit areas in Indonesia, from UNICEF, School in a Box program.

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Great for Schools and Camps!


Course Of DISCovery Education


Come see Rose Park, and meet up for Frisbee in the center

The Frisbees Imprinted With Friendship in Arabic and English

Boy with Frisbee in Fallujah

Youth around Fallujah Iraq

See Produced by -Experts to help you learn and teach all the basic and advanced techniques of Frisbee throwing!"
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FRISBEE Disc School Assembly + PE Health Frisbee Clinics

"Heave H.O.E." Frisbee Disc School Assemblies & Clinics
inspire children to see following:

The disc sports are inexpensive. They can be played anywhere!
Indoors, outdoors, an alley, a yard, the playground. The list is endless.

We demonstrate how playing with a FRISBEE Disc is not competitive.
See Instead, it boils down to two people working with each other's best interest at heart.
We demonstrate and ask children to recognize this as an instrument of peace which they can use to facilitate friendships- even between cultures.

We show children how to make friends for life ..



Each Assembly is packed full of Olympic style demonstrations, using precision freestyle throws and catches- and to top it off, the majority of each assembly is PERFORMED with pre-recorded background music which both delights the children and showcases this as a most exciting form of play. Like Never before! In 45 minutes, these two professionals use their 40 years of combined FRISBEE experience to display lazer-like accuracy and timing in an exhibition that mixes FREESTYLE, DISC GOLF & ULTIMATE. As you and your children have never seen before, this assembly will flat-out inspire children to pick-up, and seek to learn how to throw a disc!

Each assembly also includes :

Heave H.O.E. (Heaven On Earth)

10 day PE lesson plan program .
By . Teachers can use this after the assembly.

1 DVD "Heave H.O.E."
Critically acclaimed by School Library Journal
and American Library Association: Booklist


The assembly and clinics are

Done in 50 minutes by two professional FRISBEE disc players who are the co-producers of the instructional DVD ("Heave H.O.E.") Care and safety is always observed when throwing.

Heave H.O.E. School Assemblies & Clinics:



PLEASE email for more information to get a
Heave H.O.E. FRISBEE Disc School Assembly & Clinics at your school.

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