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    One day in the martial arts school, we dreamed up the idea of doing a martial-art-style board break with the Frisbee disc. So on this day, we actually tried it, and did it for the first time. Excitedly we called the Late Show as a potential Stupid Human Trick and indeed after explaining what we were doing, they told us how to make a video of it and where to send it.

    We are still looking for the copy of that video.. and when we find it, we will post that here too. The nice thing about that video... is that we set up two cameras. One is on the side of Doug, so you can see the Frisbee crashing through the board.

    Also, we are still experimenting with the technology on hand.. to do this, so if something takes a while to download, then bear with us, we are working on faster methods for posting video. Technology~~~!
Click on the image below to see it on Windows Media Player.

First Fboard break with Frisbee