Kids in Iraq

More in Iraq Frisbees In Fallujah
14,000 imprinted with "friendship" in English and Arabic. Marines requested Frisbees from Spirit Of America .

"The next time we went to visit the village, we took as many Frisbees as we could fit in the back of our hummers..."
L t. Col. McNease

Spirit Of America Dontated these discs!

5 Million+
Iraqi Children

FRISBEES & PE Lesson Plan

Effective Trauma Therapy in Iraq & Tsunami-hit Schools.
UNICEF Press Release | School In A Box Program | Jan 2005

Letter From
Former President Clinton
(Partner with UNICEF)
to Team

& PE Lesson Plan

This is a whole, worldwide adventure -with children and the disc sports. We see that parents and their children want to be more empowered to promote the idea of Peace between themselves. So we are educating children to facilitate friendship in all directions, using a flying disc as a dependable tool and symbol of peace, especially between cultures! Our suggestion is for children to celebrate peace, by making friends with a toy that can fly across language barriers.

Our tools are:

With each school assembly , we give the school free instructional DVDs, free FRISBEE Course Of DISCovery lesson plans, and free, high quality, FRISBEE brand discs - all of which combines to give children a way to use Frisbees to make friends for long and healthy life.

The DVD Heave H.O.E. (Heaven on Earth) is literally a message of peace wrapped in an instructional DVD -for children to grasp ahold of, identify with, and to spread to others.

The DVD points to the fact that playing catch with a disc is a natural act of peace and
cooperation. It also points to the fact that the disc sports are already a haven of peaceful-minded players, and it invites them to quickly join in the existing momentum throughout our planet which pivots around a simple, inexpensive toy. So we hope to inspire more and more young people every year, to associate and share in the friendship with a flying disc -as a hands-on symbol of "peace on earth."

Other messages conveyed in the DVD, Heave H.O.E.
Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, Patience and Indomitable Spirit.

How to spread this?
Starting in the nations Libraries!

Well, right now, is taking the time and energy to call Public Libraries and Public School PE teachers about offering this information to the youth that they guide each year.

If you put in a good word to your local public Library ,
it seems that makes one of the largest impression with the good librarians. In many cases, just that one call to strongly request/suggest a title makes THE difference in their choosing to put a DVD on their shelf for everyone else to check out.

If you would like to spark your local library to invest in a copy of Heave H.O.E.
click here to find your local library's phone number !

Probably the largest thing to point out to a librarian, besides your passion to see the frisbee sports spread to our youth, is that both School Library Journal and American Library Association : Booklist has given a favorable review for this DVD. This is what the Librarians want to know to feel confident about getting a title. These reviews can be seen at (rather than making them have to look it up in each issue.)

One language, the language of a well thrown disc, is something which everyone can share -one throw at a time. Look for more announcements soon.

The Letter To the First Lady of the U.S.
The Letter To Contributing Reviewers for
American Library Association/ Booklist and School Library Journal
See The reviews by Booklist and School Library Journal

A sample of the first locations
to order Heave H.O.E.
Please help spread the word..

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oak Park, Michigan

Nepean, Ontario

Gainesville, Georgia

Roswell, Georgia

Hayward, California

Novato, California

Chico, California

Miami, Florida

Denver, Colorado

Valparaiso, Indiana

Scottsdale, Arizona

Boise, Idaho

Denver, Colorado (2)

Wichita, Kansas Toledo, Ohio

W. Des Moines, Iowa

Phoenix, Arizona

Superior, Wisconsin

Hiawatha, Iowa

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Burlington, North Carolina

Owensville, Ohio

Huron, Ohio

Chicago Illinois

Shoreline Washington

Raleigh, North Carolina

Carrollton, Texas

Columbia, Texas

Newark, Delaware

Austin, Texas

Bellingahm, Washington

East Hampton, Massachusetts

Albany, California

Duvall, Washington

Davis, California

Saratov, Russia

Roswell, New Mexico

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Boulder, Colorado

Kernersville, North Carolina

Frisco, Texas

Lincoln, Nebraska

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Richmond, Virginia

Forth Worth, Texas

Weidman, Michigan

Austin, Texas

Swayzee, Indiana

Nashville, Tennessee (2)

Pratt, Kansas

Elkton, Maryland

Grand Prairie, Texas

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Madison, Wisconsin

Cincininnati, Ohio

Walnut California

Marysville, California

Billings, Montana

Huntsville Alabama

Brampton,Ontario, Canada

Pennington, New Jersey

Lincoln, Nebraska

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

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