When you click here..
you will go to an active table like the one below

(at Infospace.com Yellowpages)
When the active table comes up you can
Type "Library"

Click "TYPE OF BUSINESS" button
Type your city
Type your state

then click the Find Button..
You will be given the phone and address.
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 Search for this business:
Name of business    Type of business


eg. Library

....click "Type of Business"

....eg. Bozeman

....eg. Montana

....click "Find"

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When you call a library, simply request:
"May I talk to the Librarian in charge of videos
- I want to suggest a title please."

When you are talking to this Video Librarian, simply request:
"I want to put in a good word for an instructional video that teaches a child or a family how to play catch with a popular and very inexpensive toy -a frisbee disc- which can be used in a park, or a yard, or practically anywhere else
..for a lifetime of good clean fun .."

The Librarian will ask what the title is:
"It's called Heave H.O.E. and was favorably reveiwed by School Library Journal and Booklist this summer.
So you should get a copy."

The Librarian may be satisfied with that, and yet you may want to add:
"You can see these reviews and other testimonials,
plus order it at a website called motodom.com"

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