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Dietrich Wins Beaverstate Fling! "Montana Kid" WINS National Tour PDGA Event See Pics and Comments of Final Round:- Beats Nikko by one. See PDGA Results 5/30/10
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Bozeman Daily Chronicle Article
Bozeman Daily Chronicle Article

Yesterday a group of teenagers removed my hurricane shutters. During a well-deserved break, they received their first Heave HOE disc lesson... and enjoyed it!

Earl Carswell's set up

Earl Carswell,
After Hurricane Katrina
See Earl's Frisbee Targets

(Review from
by: Paul Grubb Spokane, WA USA -November 9, 2004

"I bought Heave H.O.E. because I was desperate for material to entertain my high school disc club on rainy days. I am the faculty moderator for a couple of dozen high school disc throwers. We play golf every Tuesday and ultimate on Thursdays.
    This week I showed them Heave H.O.E. and afterwards they ran to the gym. The kids lit up as they began to excel at a previously unachieved pace. I have been playing for years and finally I learned how these throws work. The most beneficial part is that I can teach them now. In addition, this DVD is helping my kids learn the philosophy behind the sport that has taken many of us a long time to understand.
    The instructions are simple and straightforward, nothing too fancy and totally in keeping with what hucking a disc is all about. If you want to learn very quickly how to flick, skip or pitch a disc with predictable accuracy this is a great DVD."
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 Frisbee Golf
Course of DISCovery Education
$150,000 Grant Winner
501c3 Non-profit Organization
& General Contractor of Rose Park, A 21 acre, $2.5 million community flying disc center

Course of DISCovery
"Frisbee golf is the foundation on which the sport of disc golf was built. Despite the fact that golf discs fly twice as far as Frisbee discs, Frisbee golf is still a most enjoyable golf-like activity, especially for youth . When the city of Bozeman decided to build a professional disc golf community course, we also insisted that they include a special 'youth course' for children of all ages to use before they are ready to graduate to the professional disc golf community course.

When we teach Frisbee fundamentals in the schools throughout Gallatin County, we use a Heave H.O.E DVD to transfer accurate disc throwing skills to all students. Thereby getting them into enjoying this activity much more quickly."

Rose Park Youth Course
Rose Park, 21 acre Professional Disc Golf Community course
Rose Park flying disc -throw & catch- area,
Surrounded by Frisbee golf youth course and picnic area.


Rose Park Flying Disc Center
& Professional Disc Golf Community Course

Rose Park
(Architect's drawing of Rose Park)
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Ralph Stever, LAC
Lincoln County
Prevention Specialist
   Our school PE teacher incorporated Motodom's lesson plans into her classes and we installed the Troy Timber Beast Disc Golf Park located in a 21 acre wooded county park across the street from the school. We had our first Family tournament in May and a Pro/amateur Disc Golf tournament on June. Frisbee’s are flying all over the place in Troy.
    All of our community came together to finance and build our Disc Golf park and Craig and Doug's
enthusiasm  for both Frisbee and life helped add to our younger students becoming more involved with the sport.

      It was a pleasure to work with Motodom on this project and we are presently in negotiations to bring their assembly to middle schools in Libby and Eureka MT next fall. If they happen to be in your neck of the woods ask them to drop by your schools and share their talents. It will change your perspective on what a Frisbee is.

COURSE OF DISCovery Education (CODE) is the non-profit arm of working for Gallatin County youth and young adults.  CODE works to help the kids of Gallatin County to see what they can do with a Frisbee, and instill in them a burning desire to learn what we, at, aim to teach them through educational programs. The goal is to start them playing, with their new skills, on the disc golf course at Rose Park (see links below). 

Here is a glimpse of the city park that CODE is helping to create, from the ground up, for the community!
See a lot more at the links below.

See ROSE PARK Progress Pics (or Slide Show)

See ROSE PARK  Forum Conversations

See ROSE PARK  Blueprints and maps

Using the Frisbee educational materials and assembly, CODE can go into the PE classes and help instructors easily teach today's youth everything from important "how to throw a disc" information, to how to set up a Frisbee course, to proper etiquette that reaches beyond school, and even onto better social responsibility in the community. For example, CODE teaches children to feel an "ownership" of all state and federal land, treating it as if it is one's own. An exciting paradigm shift for any child. CODE shows them how to play with more respect for the land, like "how to not litter," along with "how to respect others" through simple golf etiquette. It ends up being good leadership for young minds, while getting their bodies into a fun activity that they can do for better health over an entire lifetime..
The CODE lesson plans makes use of the acclaimed instructional DVD, (Heave H.O.E. Basic Frisbee Throwing Instructions), (produced by with Montana PBS), and even special Frisbee discs that are specially selected for youth. See all educational materials at the web address 

Craig Sward, co-founder of and Course Of DISCovery states, "Overall, it is important to get youth more active today. Transfering Frisbee skills and the sport of disc golf, amounts to more free outdoor activities for youth to do, rather than having them spend time inside doing activities that may be less than healthy. For example, the CODE program is perfect for schools to implement as part of  'Turn off the TV Week.'  A school in PA just submitted a grant to bring the CODE program to their school next year for this, and added a fundraising component in connection to the number of times a target is hit with a frisbee by each child with sponsors. CODE PE classes will be getting the kids ready to be sharpshooters with a Frisbee.
In places where children can have a large community disc golf course, their time and energy will be spent playing happily, while not even noticing that they are walking miles and miles per day -for much better health. In every school that has implemented the CODE programs, Frisbee activity has not only risen sharply, but has suddenly become very popular. Some schools have even installed disc golf baskets to create a school Frisbee golf course. (Hellgate Elementary in Missoula MT, Troy Elementary in Troy MT, Monforton school in Bozeman MT to name a few)."

This summer, CODE will start to offer Bozeman homeowners free Frisbee disc golf course designs for parents to take advantage of their beautiful yards, while allowing their children another really safe place to play outdoors, for days and days on end. Even if a yard has enough space for one basket, a lot of fun can be had in a back yard doing disc golf putting contests. If neighbors want to link their yards in some ways, a whole neighborhood can have a beautiful 18 hole Frisbee golf course for the local kids to play on for free throughout the summer, and even in the winter! Interested parties can email If desired, homeowners can request a demonstration of how disc golf baskets would work in one's yard or land, and provide either permanent or portable baskets for those who want to go to the next level. 

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