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A Letter to The PE Teachers of America Regarding Teaching FRISBEE Skills to Youth
From An Original Frisbee Disc Professional.. with a DVD!

Great for Schools and Camps! Heave H.O.E. on DVD

Great for Schools and Camps! Heave H.O.E. on DVD Heave H.O.E. on DVD Heave H.O.E. on DVD Heave H.O.E. on DVD

Hi PE Teacher!,
My name is Craig Sward, and I am happy to see the articles like this about the new disc golf courses popping up all across the U.S.! With this new development of courses in mind, would you be interested in learning how to dramatically improve the Frisbee throwing (and catching) skills of your youngest and oldest students? By teaching the Heave H.O.E. Frisbee skills to everyone early in life, it lays the foundations for more children to flock to the various (inexpensive) physical activities with a flying disc, especially with a new disc golf community course in the area.

I am a partner in a two-man professional FrisbeeŽ demo team called, that has been performing a successful FrisbeeŽ school assembly program across the U.S. over the last 12 years. However, our combined years of FrisbeeŽ experience now totals over 60 years! We are both now over 50 years old.

So now that a "FRISBEEŽ Professional," is reaching out to you, to help you add a proven, powerful, instructional tool to your curriculum,.. what's next? If you already introduce FrisbeeŽ sports to your students for better health, or are interested in getting them started, I hope you will be excited about our instructional DVD for all ages, called Heave H.O.E. (Heaven On Earth): Basic Throwing Instructions for All Disc Students.

There are also lesson plans in conjunction with these throwing instructions, that can stretch over two weeks to build Ultimate Frisbee skills with throw and catch games, also Freestyle skills by doing target practice games, and Disc Golf skills by setting up and playing small Frisbee golf courses. Either gradually over two weeks, or immediately in one 25 minute showing of Heave H.O.E., these throwing instructions will accelerate your students into flying disc sports, and especially onto the disc golf community course for better health.

To the left is an extraordinary photo taken in Fallujha, Iraq when Marines asked for and received (thousands of) Original Frisbee discs to give to children of Iraq. The Marines wanted something that required more "hands-on" cooperation with the children in order to teach them something new and fun. They wanted a toy that, with some mentoring, suddenly became a lot of fun.

To add to this tool for friendship, the soldiers had asked for the imprint on the disc to say "Friendship" in English and Arabic! UNICEF also infused (millions!) of Frisbees along with a lesson plan for their Relief Aid Kit "School In A Box" program. At last count, nearly 6-7 million Muslim children between Iraq, Afghanistan, and Indonesia have been exposed to this one, impressionable toy in the recent years! Let's see what happens when we spread the same to our youth!

In 1999 my professional partner, Doug Quam and I teamed up with PBS to produce the first instructional video, Heave H.O.E. (now DVD), that boils down the Do's and Don'ts of FrisbeeŽ throwing, to a level that both children and adults can use for the FrisbeeŽ Forehand, Backhand and Skipping. Over all this time, the feedback from PE teachers nationwide, has been a resounding "thumbs up!" in using Heave H.O.E. to teach Frisbee throwing tips to youth. And remember, we also created an exciting and easy to use FrisbeeŽ PE lesson plan, if you so desire.

If you like the idea of revealing to your students, the secrets behind throwing a FrisbeeŽ straight and far, simply by showing them a DVD that is proven to be very successful, then please consider our following offer:

I would like to send you a Heave H.O.E. DVD, (dollar valued at $25+$6 s/h to be used throughout the rest of your teaching days! Along with one of our purchase orders. Upon viewing the DVD, if you see how you can truly use it each year, then either proceed to get a purchase order number from your Purchasing Department to put on our order paperwork, and send it through your Purchasing Department for normal processing...or if you have another purchasing method, we will cater to that.

On the other hand, if you don't care to use this DVD, then you can simply send it back to us using the return envelope that we will include with the DVD, and we will even pay for the return postage.

If you do elect to keep it, your Purchasing Dept (or you) can pay via check by mail, credit card by phone, or credit card online, or PayPal online.

If this sounds fair enough, just reply to this email to let me know that you would like me to send you one of our acclaimed Heave H.O.E. DVD's. (If you would like us to include lesson plans and a sample FrisbeeŽ Youth disc, the dollar value would be $43=$6 s/h.)

Or let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Please leave a message with 877-587-0119, and I will dialogue with you via phone or email. You can also find our materials as a top result for any of the following Google search terms.. "Frisbee Instructions", "Frisbee PE lesson plans", "Frisbee School Assembly", "Disc Golf Tips", etc.

BTW, below, is a recent testimonial from another, typical, happy PE teacher, perhaps just like you! If needed, you will also see many more testimonials from all sorts of educators at our website

Thanks in advance,
Craig Sward 877-587-0119

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From: michele thibodeau
Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2010 5:41 PM
Subject: Re: Heave H.O.E. DVD order
Hi Craig,
You guys are awesome. I showed the DVD to all my classes - two 7th grade, and three 8th grade classes of about 40 kids per class. I was amazed at their attention span watching it because believe me, they don't have a long attention span, to put it nicely! They were so into the video. I showed it through the skip and stopped there - for these kids that was a lot and I may take them in for the rest after Christmas break. The instructions were REALLY GOOD - clearly stated and easy to understand. The kids were anxious to try skipping the disc. It's really well done and the instructor knows how to convey the techniques to kids and adults. I liked the way he talked about the common throwing problems and how to correct them. I even gave the kids a quiz about what they saw on your DVD afterward and was impressed with how well they did. They "got it"! Thank you again!
Best Regards,
7th & 8th Grade PE Teacher
Santa Cruz, CA

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Rose Park Youth Course in's local community
Rose Park, 21 acre Professional Disc Golf Community course suggested this 1 acre Rose Park flying disc -throw & catch- area,
Surrounded by a Frisbee miniature golf youth course and picnic area.
Then to wrap the 21 acre professional disc golf course around that!
Everyone agreed it was a new and cutting edge idea, especially when used in conjunction
with the Frisbee throwing instructions going into the schools.


Rose Park Flying Disc Center
& Professional Disc Golf Community Course

Rose Park
(Architect's drawing of Rose Park)

Here is a glimpse of the city park that helped create,
from the ground up, for the community of Bozeman MT!
See a lot more at the links below.

Slide Show
Gallery Overview of All 7 Rose Park Slideshows

Below, The Course Of DISCovery Non-profit Org. Founders;
(left to right) Cary Silberman (Professional Disc Golf Course Architect of Gallatin County), Doug Quam (co-founder, Craig Sward (co-founder, Mayor of Bozeman, and Bozeman City Finance Director of Parks and Recreation. Holding a grant check from FWP, LWCF to signify the finished product in which FWP gave the City of Bozeman 1/2 of the actual cash spent on the project. City says this $ is now going to be put back into Rose Park for further development.


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