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Heave H.O.E. has to be the the best way to show new players the easiest ways to throw the flying disc.

Tom Monroe
Tom Monroe,
World Champion
PDGA Hall of Fame Inductee 1993

A New, Fun, and Healthy Family Fun Night Idea w/Frisbees
Children (and adults!) of all ages will have huge family fun
while also learning perfect Frisbee disc throws and games that everyone can go on to do for a lifetime.

Based on using the
Course of DISCovery Lesson Plans
  and the 25 min.  Heave H.O.E. DVD

Course Of DISCovery Education : 10 Lesson PE Activity Unit

We are focusing on practical living (physical activity and nutrition). A Heave H.O.E. package was given to each attendee in an academy in which 30 P.E. and Health teachers participated to learn how to incorporate DISC golf into their curriculum. The academy was funded by a grant from the Kentucky Dept. of Education.

Dr. Heather Adams-Blair
Dr. Heather R. Adams-Blair
Exercise & Sports Science
Eastern Kentucky University

Our program teaches students about nutrition and physical activity. We gave flying discs to 10,000 children in 12 schools, and a Heave H.O.E. lesson plan package to all the P.E. teachers. All the teachers felt that Heave H.O.E. was really helpful in teaching the kids the proper throwing method.

Chefs For Kids
Chefs For Kids
University Las Vegas Nevada
Cooperative Extension Service

I thought Heave H.O.E. was excellent. It goes through step-by-step how to use a Frisbee with skill and ease. I highly recommend it
for all ages!

Christina Chapan
Christina Chapan,
BS Elementary Ed.,
MA Curriculum & Development

The Heave H.O.E. movement keeps floating on the cutting edge, connecting high profile stuff like: obesity, youth-at-risk, after school program needs, latch-key kids, alternative to computer games and TV, etc,.

David Young
David M. Young,
University Professor,
An advocate for Healthier Communities

Heave H.O.E. offers clear instructions for those ready to get serious about flying disc play, and those just wanting to toss accurately to friends.

Arthur Coddington
Arthur Coddington,
Eleven Time! World Freestyle Champion

Heave H.O.E. is a useful tool in teaching anyone how to improve their throw.

Joy Endicott
Joy Endicott,
Coach & TD,
University Arkansas
Ultimate Team

A timely how-to program for achieving consistent disc-throwing accuracy.American Library Assoc., Booklist
American Library Assoc., Booklist

    This is a special Family Fun idea that was created to give you and your family more FUN with a Frisbee then you, or the children, ever imagined possible!  For years of new, fun and healthy family enjoyment.
   It gives children (and adults!) the clearest and most concise Frisbee throwing instructions available today.  And it will also start EVERYONE on a lifetime of disc sport enjoyment that is beginning to lead thousands of people to better health worldwide!

    You can start your unique Frisbee Family Fun night by showing the exciting Heave H.O.E. instructional DVD, to transfer valuable throwing tips that all kids crave to know and put to use.
    Then everyone will all want to rush directly outside where you have set up in the backyard, (or in the neighborhood play area, or in a local park, or schoolyard) uniquely structured games which will both thrill the family to no end, and 
ingrain the newfound throwing skills.
    When shown to new players (of even the youngest ages!) Heave H.O.E. instructions have proven to advance everyone's Frisbee throwing skills in just one casual viewing.  For those who study it, it will advance their throwing skills forward multiple years, in just 25 minutes.
    The Family Fun package has 3 activities which are special games based on Frisbee golf, and Freestyle throw and catch.  Each one is easy to set up, and equally fun for everyone of all ages, gender, and ability level. Simply do one each night, or set them all up and rotate around to each activity every 15 minutes, and watch everyone's Frisbee skills jump forward in enthusiastic leaps and bounds!
  Plus a highly recommended handout, can be used either for the Family Fun night, or afterwards, to start children using their newfound skills in various ways throughout their neighborhoods everyday. For continuing day after day of free, outdoor, Frisbee disc fun!
    The children will be more quickly, and more certainly, on the path of using disc sport activities for better health over their lifetime!
    They can also begin sharing this new, fun and healthy throwing knowledge with others, as a sign of friendship. 
    The Family Fun night with Frisbees is easy for you to setup. Including simple ways to adjust for specific age groups: 6-10; 11-15; high school; and adult/college. And how to simply adjust for different group sizes.
    Also included are two samples of the discs that the kids will LOVE to play with, and that we suggest you use for quickest results and greatest player satisfaction.  You can order these discs directly from Motodom.com at a discount, and order in any quantity. Please see DISCS, and request them with your order. A family of 5 would use 12 discs.

    "The Heave H.O.E. method is an excellent example of teaching beginners how to throw a disc. I have been disc golfing for some time and for months I was unable to properly teach my daughter (age 12) how to throw a disc. Like Motodom says, "in 25 min of watching this DVD," you can learn to throw a disc. My daughter, on her 3rd throw after watching Heave H.O.E., threw an Innova disc 175 feet! She thinks Heave H.O.E. is great. Thanks Motodom for a wonderful teaching tool."
Errol C. Grapevine, TX

For beginners, for adults teaching children, and for people with Frisbee experience. -extremely helpful-
School Library Journal
School Library Journal
Family Fun Package
1 Party plan handbook

+1 Now on DVD! Just ask for it! Heave H.O.E.
Now on DVD! Just ask for it!
Includes easy to use menus
for learning & teaching!

+1 Youth disc
+1 Durable disc

$63.75+$8 s/h
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Men tour to show kids the possibilities of a Frisbee

Heave H.O.E. is a useful tool in teaching anyone how to improve their throw.

Joy Endicott
Joy Endicott,
Coach & TD,
University Arkansas
Ultimate Team

A timely how-to program for achieving consistent disc-throwing accuracy.
American Library Assoc., Booklist
American Library Assoc., Booklist

(Review from Amazon.com)
by: Paul Grubb Spokane, WA USA -November 9, 2004

"I bought Heave H.O.E. because I was desperate for material to entertain my high school disc club on rainy days. I am the faculty moderator for a couple of dozen high school disc throwers. We play golf every Tuesday and ultimate on Thursdays. This week I showed them Heave H.O.E. and afterwards they ran to the gym. The kids lit up as they began to excel at a previously unachieved pace. I have been playing for years and finally I learned how these throws work. The most beneficial part is that I can teach them now. In addition, this DVD is helping my kids learn the philosophy behind the sport that has taken many of us a long time to understand. The instructions are simple and straightforward, nothing too fancy and totally in keeping with what hucking a disc is all about. If you want to learn very quickly how to flick, skip or pitch a disc with predictable accuracy this is a great DVD."

Heave H.O.E. is not only well done, it also sends a good positive image and message of disc sports in general .

.Cary Silberman
Cary Silberman
1st place Advanced Am
2003 Memorial
MT State Disc Golf Champ 2004

I was very impressed with Heave H.O.E., and as an instructor myself, I found it very informative. A must see for beginners, a great tool for intermediates.

Michelle Baker
Michelle Baker
1st place 2002 Masters Cup (Master)

Several common throwing errors are diagnosed, so if you're having difficulty with that tough forehand toss, give Heave H.O.E. a shot!
Internet Disc Shoppe
The Internet Disc Shoppe

I played the video to a class, and they liked it a lot. Each kid seemed to have a favorite skill they were going to try.

Arthur Coddington
Arthur Coddington,
Eleven Time! World Freestyle Champion

Recently, through a grant to Clark County NV, 13 schools were given a flying disc for each student, +10,000 total, as an obesity intervention program for schools at risk for obesity issues. At the same time, these students were educated with the CODE Lesson plan in all their Health and PE classes.

Yesterday a group of teenagers removed my hurricane shutters. During a well-deserved break, they received their first Heave HOE disc lesson... and enjoyed it!

Earl Carswell's set up

Earl Carswell,
After Hurricane Katrina
See Earl's Frisbee Targets

  discs (see below) for Family Fun night, parties, camps, and individuals:

  The Youth disc $3.50
Original FRISBEE brand
by Wham-O

Excellent disc for youngest age groups!

This original FRISBEE disc, distributed at a discount through Motodom.com, is one of the best discs we have found to fly just as the Heave HOE instructions indicate. Not only does this disc increase the level of fun that students will have with a flying disc, but it is also one of the most comfortable discs for grades 1-3 to hold and throw. Often, this disc is imitated by less expensive discs with sharp edges, that are painful to play with, however original FRISBEE brand discs are always smooth and comfortable to hold and throw.

  The Durable disc $5.00
Original FRISBEE brand
by Wham-O

 (A hard-to-find disc, at a discounted price!)

All Sport

This disc is distributed at a discount through Motodom.com, as the most ideal disc for schools and camps because it's made of a plastic that is the most durable of all FRISBEE brand discs. Yet it is a gentle disc to catch, and it fits comfortably in the hands of all age groups. Most importantly, it also flies exactly as the Heave H.O.E. instructions indicate, increasing the level of fun that students will have with a flying disc. Schools have told us about buying less expensive discs elsewhere, but then regretting to find them breaking easily upon hitting a hard surface. So buy once, and buy right. For all disc sports!  

Softy $6.00

Soft discs for the youngest ages
For the youngest grades

All Packages can include - 10 discs to 1000's of discs

These tips are applicable to people of any age and skill. I used the Heave H.O.E. snap tip to improve the forehand of 5 players almost instantly.

Joy Endicott
Joy Endicott,
Coach & TD,
University Arkansas
Ultimate Team

Throwing plastic is fun, if you know how. After watching the Heave H.O.E. DVD, you and they, will know how to throw and have fun.

Tom Monroe
Tom Monroe,
World Champion
PDGA Hall of Fame Inductee 1993

Teaching new players the Heave H.O.E. pullback tip was unbelievably helpful and easy. I saw immediate improvement. Thanks for making this DVD.

Joy Endicott
Joy Endicott,
Coach & TD,
University Arkansas
Ultimate Team