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July 2001 Issue, Page

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Heave H.O.E.: Basic Instructions for All Disc Students
Grade 4 and Up

Craig Sward and Doug Quam have put togther a short video displaying the basics to enjoy a flying disc, such as the Frisbee. They demonstrate the basic backhand and forehand and the move known as "skipping,"in which the disc touches down on its edge halfway through its flight. In each case, they show the proper stance, hand position, and arm movement. The video features expert adults as well as youngsters who are apparently just learning. One of the most useful features is the use of freeze-frame to show the exact position of the hand and arm. It is also extremely helpful to see examples of incorrect stance and movement. Following the instruction of basic moves, there is a brief section on some of the drills and games that can be played with the disc. The final section of the video is a promotion for a national tournament that Sward and Quam are hoping to sponsor. H.O.E. stands for "Heaven on Earth." To Quam and Sward, the term represents both the resemblance of the flying disc to a galaxy, and the philosophical concept of the peaceful mindset attained by playing with the disc. The creators are clearly sincere and the instruction is useful for beginners, for adults teaching children, and even for people with some Frisbee-playing experience . - Sarah Flowers, Santa Clara Library, Morgan Hill,CA -Contributing reviewer for School Library Journal

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Heave H.O.E. Basic Instructions for All Disc Students.

Disc Golf and other disc-related games and activities are growing in popularity. In this timely how-to program, instructors demonstrate the proper stance, grip, and tossing techniques for achieving consistent disc throwing accuracy. Common throwing errors are explained too. Backhand, forehand and skipping methods are shown in slow motion and close-up views, with onscreen graphics providing helpful review. Both indoor and outdoor settings serve as a backdrop to this enthusiastic "pitch" for a fun activity that both kids and grown-ups enjoy. -Jeff Dick

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