Sward Collection of Russell Chatham Lithographs


    The origination of the Sward's collection of Russell Chatham fine art started with a relationship between Russ and Ann Sward beginning in 1982. With the help of Sward's new art gallery, called the Wishing Tree Galleries located in Livingston MT, Russ decided to begin creating and selling his unique and original lithographs through the Wishing Tree.
    During the following 20 years (1980's-1990's), the Wishing Tree Gallery was the site for the unveiling of each of Russ's latest and greatest works, which were soulful depictions of a variety of Montana landscapes.  Often the entire wall space of the Wishing Tree Gallery would be devoted to fully displaying large amounts of Russ's art for public and private viewings.
    Over this time, the Sward's would invest in (at least) one of every piece, and soon set a record as having the largest private archived collection of Chatham's art. 
    The archive has grown quite large over time, and resides in a special bank vault in Livingston MT. Almost every piece is now so rare that they cannot be purchased in any gallery, anywhere. The pieces  listed as "available" here have not even seen the light of day since each one was created and stored. Each continues to be kept in perfect archival condition.

    To discuss purchasing and delivery of these rare Russell Chatham Original Lithographs, or other pieces of his original work, feel free to contact Craig Sward by email at ChathamArt@imt.net or to speak directly by phone, please call the home office phone number 406-587-6088.

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