Best Discs To Use With Heave HOE DVD
FREE Durable Disc
An Original Frisbee Disc by Wham-O w/DVD! Youth Discs


The Durable disc is truly one of the easiest flying discs for older children and students to practice with. When used in conjunction with showing the Heave H.O.E. DVD instructions, the real fun with Frisbee discs finally begins to open up for children and adults!

 It's more durable with a higher density plastic than the average original Frisbee disc, with a smooth edged rim, which makes gripping and throwing comfortable. Unlike a cheap, brittle disc, it won't break easily and has no sharp edged rim that is painful to grip and throw.

All flying disc students will find the Durable disc flies exactly as the Heave HOE DVD instructions indicate. And once a student gets a standpoint with this particular disc, then he or she can quickly apply those same principles to other discs with only one or two adjustments.. for different disc-flight characteristics.

Besides the direct relationship between the instructions and the flight of this brand of disc, the Durable disc is generally considered one of the nicest discs to throw recreationally, easy for children to handle.

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